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RX Bandits Lyrics

She says she's gonna come over tonight
Look like a ghost sound like a whisper shivering down my spine
I'm just a traveling soul, say you'd never leave me alone,
Tell me you need me so tonight

She come creeping up slow
I got no place, no place to go
But now I'm feeling like I fell for you oh baby, no don't you sell it
Story's always different, no matter who's telling it,
Now I'm feeling like I fell for you
Apparition x3

I know she lurking the streets tonight,
Sound like silence, slink like a drifter
'tween the darkness & the flickering light
She's just a wandering soul, oh I just can't let it go,
Tell me it isn't so tonight


I swear I heard something sneaking through my corridor,
memories loat like specters, keeps on haunting me evermore


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Comments from YouTube:


You sir. Are a god among men for uploading this.

ChickofThe Sea

Saw them live at The Fonda in Hollywood last month with my boyfriend. Dancing to this song was the highlight of my night. Love RX!


Finally got to dance to it at the reunion show. First time seeing em. It was amazing

Axel Freccero

Que intersante esto ...

Siddharth Kotwal


Andres Liebrecht

Very interesting music project, I'm starting to loving it

For No Reason

no epoxi-lips?! oh well

Lynn Beltrandi

Thanks for spreading the word, keep it up

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