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RX Bandits Lyrics

She says she's gonna come over tonight
Look like a ghost sound like a whisper shivering down my spine
I'm just a traveling soul, say you'd never leave me alone,
Tell me you need me so tonight

She come creeping up slow
I got no place, no place to go
But now I'm feeling like I fell for you oh baby, no don't you sell it
Story's always different, no matter who's telling it,
Now I'm feeling like I fell for you
Apparition x3

I know she lurking the streets tonight,
Sound like silence, slink like a drifter
'tween the darkness & the flickering light
She's just a wandering soul, oh I just can't let it go,
Tell me it isn't so tonight


I swear I heard something sneaking through my corridor,
memories loat like specters, keeps on haunting me evermore


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Comments from YouTube:


that crescendo over the 'pumping' hit hat at the final compasses... This is real feeling for a drummer :D

Marcel Miagi

I can’t understand why they haven’t gained more attention. Sooo underrated


Same here. I came back to listen to some of their songs again after a long time. Mandala, And the Battle Begun, and Gemini Her Majesty are definitely amazing albums to this day. I was shocked to see how dead the comments are on all their videos. I mean they're objectively very skilled and made great music, so I can only assume it's more or less by choice that they never got bigger...maybe they were content with being more underground. But they were great.


Really miss the horns, still incredible though.


What happened to RX Bandits? They were so incredible. And the Battle Begun, Mandala, and Gemini Her Majesty are all still amazing albums to me. I'm back listening to them after years away and it's still great. They deserved more.

Justin Burleson

CGak is a god damn monster! That tasty addition to the bridge is my new shit! Going to play it now!


I got kinda sad when I didn't hear the horns but damn they still sound great


"C-Gak, you're a beast dude!" Fuckin' right!

Francis Castiglion

Quite melodic! Thanks, T.


better than the album cut. so unreal.

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