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Dead and Cold
Robert Martino Lyrics

Dead, I wish I was dead and cold
Yo′ uh, shoutout SadBoyProlific (I wish I was dead)
Know who you are (I wish I was dead and cold)

I spend every single day, just tryna get bigger
'Til depression starts to hit, and I′m like "go figure"
I started making music, all because I love the art
But now the music's making me, and it's tearing me apart

So, I just don′t know what to do, I′m looking in the mirror
I thought that we were pretty cool, 'til you tried to pull the trigger
So now I′m just here, hanging out in a white room
While I watch my own blood, drip from across the room

So, I'm staring at the ceiling
I think I lost some blood, but I still got some feeling
I′m blowing out my brains, 'til my heart is on the ceiling
And I just don′t understand how I'm still dealing

So, I'm taking out the piece, ′cause I′m fucking done
I only got one shot like the Gala-gun
So, I take each bullet, and I load them in the clip
'Til I taste all the blood that started dripping down my lip

I′m just here on my own
No place to call home
So I keep cuttin' deep, ′til I start to hit the fucking bone
And I just don't know where I wanna go
I′m just lost between real and what I don't know

So, I try to harden up with the way I write these verses
But they figured out the trick, so I started writing cursive
Yeah, I just wish I was dead and cold

Writer(s): Robert David Martino

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