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Sean Tyas Lyrics

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That bassline gets me every time. One of the best trance tracks ..

Jon Doe

Still as powerful as the first time I heard it. A classic!

Rudy Muller

I'm blessed to have this one and also the heavenly pearl
"Sean Tyas - Drop"
on a vinyl record.

LikeThis LikeThat

I agree. It never gets old.


one word: goosebumps!


he's such a nice guy. I met him a few months ago at a show he played here and he was super nice even though I was paralyzed by my shyness. he was very understanding and said my shyness was cute. I strongly recommend his small live shows ! he's amazing live !


fucking best live

Rachel L

He really is a nice guy. I watch his live streams on Twitch. He's the best. So nice. Very genuine. Very appreciative. He's going to be streaming again on Twitch starting April 10.

Marin Pavešić

I would really like to see him live. I live in Croatia and he doesen't come near at ia likely I will see him in 2 years when I go to ASOT.


Hope this song survives WW III so the next generation will get the message.

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