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Adagio for Strings
Tiësto Lyrics



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I like to run with this song. Always dead tired when the song is done: this song makes you run faster than you want to!

Max Johansson

@AlmightyArjen Of course it will. Adrenaline will help you run faster. THere is of course a limit to how much more capacity that someone gains from it, but it sure is more than 10%.

John Smith

100% mate. I always put this on at the end of a race and start flying past everyone else running lol

aggressive gamer

5@Safa Hagui

Krzysztof Zwoliński

Try "Mane Sonitus" by Hibernate. It's becoming epic when choir comes at the scene.

Stefan Funk

Safe 👍🤫

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bro zone

Stop asking who’s still listening, we will always be listening to this

Tony England

@Life’s lessons Do you know why you see so many of those messages all over YouTube? They're from people whose accounts are at risk because they've got so many thumbs-downs, so they have to post something that they KNOW will get lots of thumbs-ups to put their accounts in good stead again. Then they can go back to what they're really on YouTube for....spamming their links.



little cheese

Im dancing

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