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Ferry Corsten Lyrics

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Everything is beautiful
Let the music carry you
Baby I will follow you for ever

No where else Id rather be
When your lying next to me
Let the music carry us together

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to Ferry Corsten's song "Beautiful" express a sense of pure euphoria and the feeling of being completely oblivious to anything but the present moment. The opening line "Everything is beautiful" reveals a sense of appreciation and contentment with the world, while the second line "let the music carry you" indicates a desire to be lifted up by the power of music. This feeling of abandon continues in the following line "Baby I will follow you forever", implying that the singer has found a source of joy that they never want to let go of.

The next verse solidifies this idea of being lost in the moment, with the line "No where else I'd rather be / When you're lying next to me". The focus is on the present moment and the feeling of being completely content in the arms of another person. The lyrics then return to the power of music with the final line "Let the music carry us together", emphasizing the unity that music can create between people.

In summary, the lyrics to "Beautiful" are about the power of music to transport us into pure moments of joy and contentment, and the importance of cherishing those moments with the people we love.

Line by Line Meaning

Everything is beautiful
Life is full of beauty and happiness; we should appreciate it more.

Let the music carry you
Allow the power of music to transport and uplift you emotionally and spiritually.

Baby I will follow you forever
I will be loyal and supportive to you for the rest of my life, no matter what.

Nowhere else I'd rather be
Being with you in this present moment is the most fulfilling and satisfying experience.

When you're lying next to me
The closeness and intimacy we share when we're together is indescribably precious and special.

Let the music carry us together
We are unified and harmonious when we both surrender to the power of the music.

Lyrics © BMG Rights Management, THE ROYALTY NETWORK INC., Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Capitol CMG Publishing, Peermusic Publishing
Written by: Ben Cullum, Debra Andrew, Ferry Corsten

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Comments from YouTube:


What's crazy about listening to this is you get a surge of emotions. If you're listening to this, uninterrupted, and really focusing on it, you start to feel EVERYTHING. You feel all the pain of loss in your life, you feel all the amazing friendships and close people in your life... You feel tired from working, you feel energized from working out.... You get the biggest smile on your face and fight the fact that you're body is trying to cry all at the same time. By the end of the song, you just wish everyone else around you could understand for just one second how you feel. This is the only song I've ever heard that can do this.


Вы яя😮

Marco Rohr

Totally relate to your statement. In my POV this is the best piece of dance music ever made. Ferry is telling a full story of emotions with this one. I can remember how I first heard this track back in 2007 at Cameo in Miami. The crowd went crazy.

Violet Indigo

This is the power and the beauty of good trance music in general ❤️👍

Dennis Henriksen

Totally bro!


Completely agree. There is no analogue to Ferry when it comes to emotions. Try his Made of Love as well.

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Роберто Велобаджо

Фантастический трек. Сложно в 2020 году найти даже что то похожее. Рядом стоящее. Это действительно гениальное произведение. . спасибо, Ферри.

Роберто Велобаджо

@Иван Иван друзья, уже 2023. Лучше трека нет и уже не будет пожалуй.

Иван Иван

​@Pavels Kilivniks​, надеюсь скоро наступит время, когда транс вернется

Pavels Kilivniks


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