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Super8 & Tab Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Suru' by these artists:

Kotiteollisuus Kurimuksen kurkkuun vajoava uros Pohjan perälle vaeltava mi…
the peggies ほらまた何処かで声がする 助けを呼ぶ誰かの声がする 見て見ぬ振りを通り越して 無表情で抱きしめて唾を吐いた のは、誰?…
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out Take me out tonight Where there's music and there's people A…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Super8 & Tab:

Empire I wanna give love, I wanna destroy I wanna break the…
Mercy Now let’s take this from the start Are we cold and…
My Enemy One day I will find you And I'll finally know what…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Tab:

Down the Rabbit Hole INSTRUMENTAL I don't know where I'm at. I'm standing out the…
House of the Rising Son There is a house in Charming Town Charming kasabasında bir e…
I Love You I put a spell on you because you're mine You better…

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Comments from YouTube:

Vilson JR.

Magic Trance! I miss old Anjunabeats sounds :(


@Vilson JR. yeah it sounds like the old tatw sounds

Vilson JR.

@Amay I'll check it out for sure :) Thanks a lot!!!


Check out the nitrou oxide track called first aid

Vilson JR.

@BlackScout Sim, e nós somos bons exemplos dessa safra privilegiada de brasileiros. Anjunabeats é uma grande referência pra mim. E muito legal poder dividir essa paixão pelo bom e velho Trance com um brasileiro :)


Vilson Vieira Júnior E eu pensando que não haviam Brasileiros que ouviam Trance, especialmente clássicos da Anjuna.


For those who don't know, suru is Finnish for "sorrow" :)

tarjaliisa hinkkanen

maunula pasi77 love this these are finnish me too

Na Sha

thanks i thought it is an island name in Japan

Deep Explorer

This was beautiful and still is its just one of those tracks that you can just feel

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