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Super8 & Tab Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Suru' by these artists:

Ebisan I have choosen to give it all Every little bit of…
Kotiteollisuus Kurimuksen kurkkuun vajoava uros Pohjan perälle vaeltava mi…
Tekno Ah ra ra uber Ah ra ra ra ra ra ra Surulere…
the peggies ほらまた何処かで声がする 助けを呼ぶ誰かの声がする 見て見ぬ振りを通り越して 無表情で抱きしめて唾を吐いた のは、誰?…
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out Take me out tonight Where there's music and there's people A…

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Empire I wanna give love, I wanna destroy I wanna break the…
Mercy Now let’s take this from the start Are we cold and…
My Enemy One day I will find you And I'll finally know what…
Stardust And now the purple dusk of twilight time Steals across the…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Tab:

Down the Rabbit Hole INSTRUMENTAL I don't know where I'm at. I'm standing out the…
House of the Rising Son There is a house in Charming Town Charming kasabasında bir e…
I Love You I put a spell on you because you're mine You better…

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Having listened and analyzed this track here’s what i can say:

Part A 1:52 is introduced for a short period of time with a simple melody and minimal drums leading to an average emotional impact.
Breakdown comes with smooth and relaxing part 2:50. Pads instrumentation, a signature of Super 8 & Tab.
Buildup with beautiful arpeggios and stunning drop that leads to part B 4:10 with beautiful vocals added later.
Then comes my best part of this track at 5:20, the transition from part B to A again. The melody from part A that we are somewhat already familiar with is reintroduced with lush pads and full drums, leading to very strong emotional impact. The drums are in almost perfect sync with the other elements giving it astounding intensity and energy. 6:03 Pure trance bliss at this moment.
6:59 Part B comes back and the song finishes.

This track is an emotional roller coaster ranging from extremely energetic to smooth and relaxing parts with melodic complexities that seamlessly work together as a whole. Beautiful instrumentation with original sonic touches make it one of the best uplifting trance tracks ever made.

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One of the first trance tracks I ever heard back in 2007 when I started listening to trance, and one of the reasons why I started producing, timeless.


and now your track is on ASOT, crazy!

Adam Giegiel

Give your best shots please :-)

Top Kek


Mohammed Khalila

Farid marry me

Vilson JR.

Magic Trance! I miss old Anjunabeats sounds :(

Pavels Popovics

Me too


@Vilson JR. yeah it sounds like the old tatw sounds

Vilson JR.

@Amay I'll check it out for sure :) Thanks a lot!!!


Check out the nitrou oxide track called first aid

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