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Demon Cleaner
Sick Porky Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Demon Cleaner' by these artists:

Kyuss I've got the demons in me I've got to flush them…
Tool Performed live by Tool Unreleased I've got the demons wi…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Sick Porky:

Buitro No estoy hecho de fuego mi carne se quema. No estoy hecho…

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Comments from YouTube:

Taylor Perkins

This is awesome.Vocals are pretty spot on


nice try and that's why we have covers lol

Nhico Mental


Felipe Hindenburg

bummer to see how this bands will never think like the incomparable craftsmanship of josh homme. don't get me wrong, they are good bands. but they need to access more, listen and experimenting. that's what we see in this album.

Kevin Blanco

Felipe Hindenburg you’re such a tool it’s unbelievable

Taylor Perkins

I don't think you understand the concept of a cover song. Thats the only bummer here.

Felipe Hindenburg

@S. Porky i'm sorry man. i really am. but it has been over 16 years of wasting time. what i see is that you guys did not absorb any of the references. i've listened without distraction and got nauseous most of the time. again, that's just my opinion. i know it would be not considered important but keep it up. keep rocking! cheers

Sick Porky Oficial

its only a version man,our way to make this masterwork piece like we wanted to do it.We dont want to do the same thing that kyuss did,to do that id rather listen the original song.We are fans of kyuss for over 16 years,and this is our humble tribute to one of the bands that we admire most.Dont get us wrong,but thats how we think.

Felipe Hindenburg

we see bummer.

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