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I Don't Like You
by Skrewdriver

1-2-3-4 I don't like you!

Get out on the job in the morning
Time is draggin' by real slow
( ? )
Boss is keepin' me on the go

Sick of that routine work now
Sorting's drivin' me insane
When I'm done doin' one thing
Boss says do it again
And I said...

I don't like you
I don't like you
I don't like you anymore


It's time to get off work now
Kick the boss right in the head
All the people givin' me orders
Tryin' to make me see red

I'm prayin' to break out free now
Playin' in a rock'n'roll band
Playin' that rock'n'roll music
Probably gonna get us banned

(Repeat Chorus) x2


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Comments from YouTube:

Leeab2020 English

Love this song Oi! From England 2020 need band's like screwdriver in the future

Can't Get Hurt Network CGHn

Mason McIntyre

Ian Young steady on Ian. Stop reading between the lines and just listen to the music

Ian Young

No, we really do not. You imbecile. Hide behind your "L" pic, the same as the rest of you mindless C's!

Mason McIntyre



Wow they restriced the original, time to lace up the boots

Can't Get Hurt Network CGHn


I’m surprised you dumb mfs can even tie your shoes, I always assumed you wore Velcros

Max G

@Necktie under the collar A true lad! Cheers!

Sphinx 10

@Fuck Everything come on now i dont no u you could be a cool person for all i no ill say milkyway just kidding lol

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