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Here's to You
Skyy Lyrics

Here's to you
Just for you
Here's to you
This song's for you

You're so special
There's no one else like you
Your style, your smile, your personality
Like a dream come true
You give me love like no other
So unselfishly

So I'm singing this song
Let the whole world know
Keep on doing what you do
What you do

Feels like I'm sitting on top of the world
Whenever you're around me
Pick me up when I'm down
Thak you boy, thank you boy

And when we touch
Can't get enough
The feeling's oh so right
Whatever ...your mind
What you do what you do

*Repeat with adlibs

**I wanna thank you baby
Thank thank you baby
Thank you thank you

**Repeat (x2)

Yeah yeah yeah
Just wanna let you know
So I'm singing this song
Let the whole world know
Keep on doing what you do
What you do

*Repeat with adlibs

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


It Feels Like I'm sitting on top of the world,
whenever your around me
Pick me up when I'm down,
Thank you Boy, Thank you Boy
And when we touch cant get enough
 the feeling is oh so right
one of a kind Im so glad your mine
keep on doing
what you do what you do
Here's To YOU!!!   
Can I Just Love the hell outta of this song, I just wanna Karaoke the hell out of it...

All comments from YouTube:

Margot Harrison

A time when people actually danced and enjoyed themselves. Absolutely fantastic.

Paul Larkin

Please who is out there let this beautiful music just wrap u up in marvelous splendor . Is anyone our bending an ear?

Alan Seltzer

😃😃😃🐦🐦🐦#1;#1!!!!! ....!!

Adam Dolson

@Funk Rocker Believe it or not younger people do dance.

Adam Dolson

Get up and dance then!

Anna L.

Funk Rocker definitely....

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Gina White

WOW this song took me to the block party out in the street in NJ when the streets would literally be blocked and the fire dept brought the fire trucks and turned on their truck lights and we danced until 11pm that was for the younger kids. great great memories!!!❤

TriJack Tv

Yeah boy

erwan Bourdin

It's too fun Thank you 😉

Concetto Conti

Skyy che ricordi anni 80 che misica

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