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U.S. Steel
Steel String Militia Lyrics

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Rich Kids on LSD U.S. Steel stock is down, Wealthy rich stock holders frown. …
RKL U.S. Steel stock is down, Wealthy rich stock holders frown. …
The Tom Russell Band Homestead Pennsylvania, the home of the U.S. Steel And the …
Tom Russell Homestead Pennsylvania, the home of the U.S. Steel And the m…
Tom Russell Band Homestead Pennsylvania, the home of the U.S. Steel And the m…

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jagg g.

@Blue Mongoose Yes I do, (cool your names Blue Mongoose), the first time, It happened to me, I thought that it was a fluke; when it continued to occur with The Text Book's & History Channel, then there really wasn't much of an explanation I could think of on how the phenomenon was even happening the way it did.

Those History Text Book's and the Documentaries I was watching through History Channel, kept lining up with The Book's.

Each insight from various Professor, Academic scholar and even Archeology/Anthropology it seemed made its way into the assigned Class Text Book.

My only 2 Text Books where that didn't occur, I took this Ethnic Studies Class and the Teacher assigned me, this Text Book "Stranger's to These Shores"/Vincent Padilla?

An Howard Zinn's A People's History of The United States 1492-2008.

Zinn might only have been impressed with The Men Who Built America by the Inclusion of The Labor Union at Carnegie's Homestead Steele.

He probably would have wanted to see more on those Labor Union's.

There were many by the way and Yet those same Labor Union's were still Racist accept in the case of West Virginia Hatfield & McCoy territory when Strike Breakers were brought in both White and Black did their darnest to chase off the Fresh Laborers brought in by The Rail Road.

A People's History focused a lot on The History of Labor Union's and No how, No way has the History Channel ever brought up The Irish Miners The Molly Maguire's only PBS when they did a long sweeping History of The Irish Immigrants American Experience.

So in answer to your original question Yes I do. The two Book's H. Zinn & Vincent Padilla are the exception to my Assigned Class Book's.

By the way Eugene Debs should have done better research on Henry Frick before attempting to Kill Him, I mean come on was I the only one laughing at that big reveal?

The History Channel didn't even bring up Henry Frick and his Family were to sail on The Maiden Voyage of The Titanic at the Last Minute The Frick's didn't.

jagg g.

@J R With me my experience with The History Channel, that is back before nothing but, that trashy junk reality Television were aired on that Station, boy what a waist of Good Television.

A majority of my History Teacher's & Ethnic Studies warned me never trust The History Channel and Yes, I was told it was not very accurate.

That I was more than aware of that fact I did however, notice The strangest thing occur in relation to The History Channel.

I was assigned Text Book's for those classes and incredibly the author of the History Book seemingly repeated the same words the same scenarios situations discussed at length on The History Channel by Academics, Historians, & Scholars in various fields of History. I for one couldn't believe it.

I sat and watched for 4 Hour's of The Crusades and when my Class and I got to that Section in my Western Civilization Text Book covering The Crusades. It was like the book followed the History Channel word for word.

I got a B+ due to so many grammatical errors on my Exam. I grew very excited writing out my answer's to the Test.

I went through the same thing the Following Week The History Channel covered for 2 hour's The Black Death.

Boy it's amazing looking back at that 14th Century Era how much Human Endeavor survived or we'd quite easily be like the dinosaurs.

Text Book pretty much depicted showed discussed The Black Death upside down inside out.

All I'm saying depending on the Historical Event that took place at Certain Periods often Text Book's, that I was assigned by my History teacher's backed up documentaries The History Channel featured.

I also happen too enjoy PBS American Experience, Frontline's, Ken Burns Doc's, Eye's on The Prize, Latinos Foreigners in their own Land, Asian American's,
Dr. Henry Louis Gates. Jr Finding your Root's, lastly Nature.

I'm aware of mis-leading and downright lies pertaining to moment's in History so I'd never take some one at there Word however, what I experienced leaves a little Room for Doubt.

All comments from YouTube:


Make the History channel about History again! These types of series were awesome!!


Yes they were. I never understood what a contribution a man called Carnegie made.


Not the narrative that's being pushed. Series like these teach too much knowledge and will have Americans actually utilizing common sense instead of utilizing what's popular on Social Media.


I miss this stuff on the history channel, it's why I quit watching the history channel because they took the good shows off the air.

Charles Savoie

It was never about history but cover up and distortion. NOTHING on The Pilgrims Society formation in Wall Street in Jan 1903 connecting all the industrial titans.

mickster boone

As a retired steelworker from Pittsburgh, this documentary taught me things about the industry I did not know. Well done!!

David Cox

Agreed! Everyone knows Frick Park and the Carnegie Museum, and perhaps that they were both founders of what became US Steel. But the realities of how the steel business was built, and how the workers' side of the story was far different than the moguls, gets left out of the story. (I worked for Alcoa for 30 years.) Our companies gave Pittsburgh its identity for decades.

Timothy roatenberry

As a VA steelworker , congrats on you retirement sir ! ๐Ÿ‘

Shawn Doran

Congratulations on retirement

Geoff Nicosia

How do you do fellow Yinzer?!

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