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Bright As Yellow
The Innocence Mission Lyrics

And you live your life
with your arms
stretched out.
Eye to eye when speaking.
Enter rooms with great joy shouts,
happy to be meeting.

And bright,
bright, bright as yellow,
warm as yellow.

And I do not want to be a rose.
I do not wish to be pale pink,
but flower scarlet, flower gold.
And have no thorns to distance me,

but be bright,
bright, bright as yellow,
warm as yellow.

Even if I'm shouting,
even if I'm shouting
Even if I'm shouting,
do you see that I'm
that I want to be so so
bright, bright as yellow,
warm as yellow.

Contributed by Elijah N. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

SouthEastern Kaiju

Loved this song the moment I heard it and it's never faded.

Philip Kane

Me too! There's something consoling and reassuring about the whole song and her wonderful delivery.......great band!


and just like that Im swept back to the 90's thank you for the trip


i saw them in some dive many years ago in so cal ... back when leaving the house was worthwhile

Philip Kane

No kidding, about the "leaving the house" part!

Richard Hall


Shane Viosk

I used to listen to this song in a dark, dark time in my life. Tonight for the first time in years I listen to it again and realize it's not a sad song, it's gentle and very beautiful. Back then I wasn't able to hear it like that, my ears were too devastated and depressed. So, so nice.

Michael Cardoso

I am so in love with her

Andy Trullinger

Dennis Herring has some set of ears. His ideas are so interesting. another gem here. reminds me of a certain film and soundtrack. and of simpler times, indeed.

Tim Oreilly

Touched my heart and soul ever 💔💙 y time

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