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Harlem Nocturne
The Viscounts Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Harlem Nocturne' by these artists:

Bunker Fongheiser Pierce Piltch So I've been thinking 'bout something Lately I've been alive…
David Sanborn [INSTRUMENTAL]…
Martin Denny Unknown Miscellaneous Ive Been To Harlem I've been to Har…
Mel Tormé A nocturne for the blues Played on a broken heart…

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Viscounts:

Ain't She Sweet Ain't she sweet? See her walking down that street. Yes I…
Aint She Sweet Ain't she sweet? See her walking down that street. Yes I…
Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue Five foot two, eyes of blue But oh, what those five…
I'll Never Get Over You I'll never get over you No, I'll never get over you I…
Who Put the Bomp I'd like to thank the guy Who wrote the song That made…
Yes Sir That's My Baby That's my baby No sir, I don't mean maybe Yes sir, that's…

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Comments from YouTube:

Mike McCann

A brilliant cross of classic jazz and surf rock. One of the most overlooked classics of the '60s.

james gilliland


desert moon

Hell yea

Timothy Thorne

This is a timeless piece of music that suavely drifts between jazz night clubs and rock and roll. Just sensational.

First released in December 1959; made Cashbox Top 40. Released again in December 1965 whereby it reached the Billboard Top 40 then.

Squee Dow

@Mike McCann

Well defined. If I could add one thing -- a very sexy song. As another has said, it hasn't been overlooked by me.

P.S. BTW, it wasn't a movie that brought me here. I'm fortunate to have been born to the era when this first hit the airwaves and to have danced to it for years.

Ron Mitchell

Not overlooked by me!

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"Honey, why is that man standing in front of that Volvo, repeating 'Show me' over and over again?" "I don't know, but the music sure sounds nice!"

Phyllis Graham

every time I hear this I see that damn car rebuilding itself-----------------------

Paula Cooper

🤣😂😆 that's right! I forgot about Christine!!

04Killer 07

Nu uh she’s real sensitive

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