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Johnny B. Goode
Chuck Berry Lyrics

Deep down in Louisiana close to New Orleans
Way back up in the woods among the evergreens
There stood a log cabin made of earth and wood
Where lived a country boy named Johnny B. Goode
Who never ever learned to read or write so well
But he could play a guitar just like a-ringin' a bell

Go go
Go Johnny go go
Go Johnny go go
Go Johnny go go
Go Johnny go go
Johnny B. Goode

He used to carry his guitar in a gunny sack
Go sit beneath the tree by the railroad track
Oh, the engineers would see him sitting in the shade
Strumming with the rhythm that the drivers made
The people passing by they would stop and say
"Oh my what that little country boy could play"

Go go
Go Johnny go go
Go Johnny go go
Go Johnny go go
Go Johnny go go
Johnny B. Goode

His mother told him "someday you will be a man
And you will be the leader of a big old band
Many people coming from miles around
To hear you play your music when the sun go down
Maybe someday your name will be in lights
Saying "Johnny B. Goode tonight"

Go go
Go Johnny go
Go go go Johnny go
Go go go Johnny go
Go go go Johnny go
Johnny B. Goode

Written by: Chuck Berry

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Comments from YouTube:

neo one

He is so lucky that his cousin Marvin, Marvin Berry, phoned him that day...

JessicaE Trifonov

@Seth Swanson Holy hell. Absolutely nothing close to what the op was talking about.

dundrea bell

Youtube comment award goes to

Las Vegas Cop Watch

Chuck Berry already had his signature sound in 1955... So the joke doesn't make sense. He already recorded songs like "Maybelline" & "Sweet Little Sixteen" (which the beach boys turned into "Surf'n usa" before the years implications in this scene. White folks stay trying to claim Rock N Roll. Knowing damn well Black folks invented it. Smh


Yeah but their kids are gonna love it



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Thicc Hicks

1.4k people weren’t ready for this yet. But their kids are gonna love it.



Geyji BILL1

this song from Berry is the perfect combination of every possible music style. he's the godfather of music (except metal rock and that kind of crap)


@Karma they type it a lot since it’s a phrase from back to the future

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