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Ganja Hold Yuh
Zionomi Lyrics

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Being just a Friend Just wanna be closer to you Being just a friend, is…
Roll Yuh Intro: Yeahhhhhhhh... aaayyyyeeeeaahhh... Ohhhhhhh... Oohhh …

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Comments from YouTube:


ganja took my virginity, ganja gave my boring life meaning. ganja saved a 12 year old boy from suicide thoughts. thats enough for me anyway. LEGALISE IT

minit gohell

Have been listening to this track from high school yet never get bored to it

Jolie Star

We need you in the Uk 🇬🇧 Zionomi.

The Sundowner

The greatest version .

Some Guy

420 mann, tis the time for this tune


@Princ3Ch8rming BWAHAHAHA LMAOOO OmG This Was Too Damn Funny!! But Real Love To ALL West Indies {I'm From Barbados} Lol


I'm so stoned and I'm trying to sing along to this and i've never heard it before and I have a feeling I sound like a massive nob

KaYem Dnb

this song makes me feel really happy :D

DayyDayy Leath

mad respect man be dis the perfect music to smoke to make me feel nice haha


love this song from antigua!

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