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by Title Fight

Of a violet view
Felt it fade
Was it too soon?

You can't hold it in

Poison in your mood
Chlorine eyes from you

Found your place
In a model face
Fell into
The violent daze

You can't hold it in
Pour out
All your emptiness

Poison in your mood
Chlorine eyes from you
Decorated blue
Opening a wound



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Comments from YouTube:

Cecilia B

to everyone complaining about their genre and their progression, how can you even complain when this song is just fucking gold


Fr bro


Humains are creatures of habit, when they like something, they want more of that exact thing.
Just listen to what ou like and ignore them..


They just don't get it man that's all. This is probably my favorite album of all time. And I have alot of favs lol

Joseph Britney

Cecilia B thank you some 1 needs to speak tru shit in the comments

Graham Stephen

It's a really weird to complain about as a music fan "my fave band progressed their sound to be more nuanced!" like, that's a good thing to me. I like Floral Green, actually no, i LOVE Floral Green, but this album is entirely incredible

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Fred Rosa

2019 still in love with "Hyperview". Unique piece of work.

Daniel Molina

2020 and still one of the greatest.

James Matthews

Still listening to this 💎. Makes quarantine less boring-tine. Let's get 1M views, y'all.

Coes Zila

Fred Rosa just put it on the turntable the other day!!

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