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Hurt Feelings
Flight of the Conchords Lyrics

Some people say that rappers don't have feelings
We have feelings. (We have feelings)
Some people say that we are not rappers. (We're rappers.)
That hurts our feelings.
(Hurts our feelings when you say we're not rappers.)
Some people say that rappers are invincible
We're vincible. (We're vincible.)
What you are about to hear are true stories
(Real experiences)
Autobiographical raps.
Things that happened to us, all true
Bring the rhyme!

I make a meal for my friends,
Try to make it delicious,
Try to keep it nutritious,
Create wonderful dishes.
Not one of them thinks about the way I feel
Nobody compliments the meal

I got hurt feelings, I got hurt feelings
I feel like a prize asshole
No one even mentions my casserole.
I got hurt feelings, I got hurt feelings.
You coulda said something nice about my profiteroles

Here's a little story to bring a tear to your eye,
I was shopping for a wetsuit to scuba dive,
But every suit I tried is too big around the thighs,
And the assistant suggested I try a ladies' size

I got hurt feelings, I got hurt feelings
I'm not gonna wear a ladies' wetsuit I'm a man!
I got hurt feelings, I got hurt feelings
Get me a small man's wetsuit, please

It's my birthday, 2003
Waitin' for a call from my family

They forgot about me

I got hurt feelings, I got hurt feelings
The day after my birthday is not my birthday, Mum
I call my friends and say, "Let's go into town"
But they're all too busy to go into town
So I go by myself, I go into town
Then I see all my friends, they're all in town

I got hurt feelings, I got hurt feelings.
They're all lined up to watch that movie
"Maid in Manhattan."
Have you even been told that your ass is too big?
Have you ever been asked if your hair is a wig?
Have you ever been told you're mediocre in bed?
Have you ever been told you've got a weird-shaped head?
Has your family ever forgotten you and driven away?
Once again, they forgot about J
Were you ever called "homo" 'cause at school you took drama?
Have you ever been told that you look like a llama?

Tears of a rapper
(don't wanna make a rapper cry then watch what you say)
I'm crying tears of a rapper
(I pouring out the bullets of my Icannon)
Go play the tears of a rapper
(These are the tears of a rapper now)
The diamond tears of a rapper
(These are the bullet proof 24 karat of tears, of a rapper)

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Comments from YouTube:


Man some of the songs aren't just really funny but are legitimately really good songs.


The videos are all really creative too


@Georgia Lilley And look what they've done to Triple J now, it's a fucking national tragedy what's happened to it

Georgia Lilley

In Australia they actually used to play them really regularly on our main alternative radio station circa 2008 ❤️ it was a golden time in history

Jo Winkler

Truer words have never been spoken...

Jo Winkler

So true.

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Perspective Podcasting

I love how Jemaine is one of the friends who stood him up!


I love how they’re trying to be rappers, so all of their friends are black guys you never see again 😂

Happy John

7:09 PM
Elon Musk

John Dorcic

Theirs is an odd relationship.

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