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J Dilla Lyrics

Let's go!

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Dominique Foote

End results of Fame

Everybody want it

But time spent along with the Pain

Many try to skip

Now jealousy breeds

That’s focused on making you a casualty

Money brings mo problems

Mo money means mo money needed to spend
Just to soften the blow

Smiles pretended

But on the other side theirs a soul

Waiting to squeeze the trigger

The ones to kill ya be the 1 started with ya in the beginning

That’s why I ride my own Waves

Circle small
Only my shadow when it’s gone I can say left
Me feeling betrayed

Wolfs amongst many

Disguised teeth

They come off so friendly

But strategize the moment to settle in the Bite

It’s crazy cause they wait till you at your weakest outside the success to Strike…


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Part One

- Da Factory
- Welcome to the Show
- Donuts (Intro)
- Donuts (outro)
- Last donut of The Night
- Waves
- Hi.
- One for Ghost
- Walkinonit
- Stop!
- Two Can Win
- One Eleven
- Don't Cry
- Anti-American Graffity
- Dilla Says Go
- Light My Fire
- Glazed
- Globstopper

Part Two

- Workinonit
- The New
- The Twister (Huh, what)
- Mash
- Geek Down
- Thunder
- Stepson of the Clapper
- Airworks
- Lightworks
- The Diff'rence
- U- Luv
- Time: The Donut of the Night
- People.
- Bye.

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Third Dimensional Being

There won't be a person who can be at this level of beat making for a long time, if ever. His work is untouchable.

Stoner Pmx


Jeremy Cardona


Brandon Adams

@Elisha Caez what is kanye without Jon Brion?

Elisha Caez

kanye west tho

Gabe Eskridge

@AlexMadlib is incredible one of the all time greats. Overall Dilla has a feel and essence that is unmatched

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Metal Mickey

I remember the Late school nights, watching adult swim past my bedtime...hearing this...the nostalgia hits me like a ton of bricks. Didn't know Dilla produced the beat until just recently, Rest in Power.


This sounds like something that would be on adult swim. Damn. Thats dope to know Tho that adult swim had j dilla

Cameron Bulanda

I remember this as well. Back when adult swim played this I was too young to understand what genre or artist created this, to me it was just “adult swim music” and influenced me a lot. It wasn’t until I really started to explore my tastes in music that I found this song and learned who Dilla was. What an amazing artist he was. RIP

Ricky James

What was it on?

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