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Don't Cry
J Dilla Lyrics

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I can't stand to see you cry
It tears to see you cry
I can't stand to see you cry, no baby doll

Overall Meaning

Dilla's song "Don't Cry" is a heart-wrenching plea for his significant other to stop crying. The lyrics express how difficult it is for him to see his partner in tears and the pain it causes him. The repetition of the line "I can't stand to see you cry" emphasizes the depth of his emotions and the sincerity of his plea. The use of the phrase "baby doll" reinforces the tenderness and affection he feels towards his partner. The song is a powerful reminder of the impact our emotional state can have on those closest to us and highlights the importance of supporting and comforting one another in difficult times.

Overall, the lyrics are a poignant representation of the complexity of emotions in relationships. Even though it may be difficult to express our vulnerability and emotions to our partners, it is essential to do so to maintain a strong, healthy, and mutually supportive relationship. Additionally, the song speaks to the importance of empathy in relationships, and how understanding and supporting each other's emotional needs can strengthen the bond between two people.

Line by Line Meaning

I can't stand to see you cry
It's extremely painful for me to witness you crying

It tears to see you cry
Your tears cause me great emotional distress

I can't stand to see you cry, no baby doll
It's unbearable for me to witness you in tears, my beloved

A term of endearment for the person being addressed

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