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Reflection Eternal
Nujabes Lyrics

Head high up
High, up high
My head high up
High, up high

You're a flower
You're a river
You're a rainbow

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Ibn Orator

Greetings Beautiful soul! (forgive me abit i know I am not exactly what you may have come here for ..) but my name is Ibn Orator...I am an Avant-Garde, introspective & Political Hip Hop Artist from New Haven CT. I've recently released a project titled "The Fishbowl Syndrome" that is centered around the topic of our mental health and how art is sometimes viewed here in America;to which my first debut music video "The Horse on a Trampoline" works showcase on the spectrum of my own experiences with it, that i feel fans alike of FKA twigs, Janelle Monae , EarthGang, Flying lotus, Childish Gambino or those of Bjork, Kanye West, Lady Gaga , Lupe Fiasco, & Vince staples may resonate like to share this with you by giving a warm welcome to my Channel to not only, like and subscribe but to comment with genuine feedback. (Please leave a comment there underneath the video and not here) as i would like for my listeners to feel welcomed to give more in thought than in clout and start a conversation which is what my subject matter is based on ..."Commentary on our shared world".In hopes that this may be fruitful to you i look forward to your response

The Horse on a Trampoline Official Music Video

All the best

Ibn Orator

P.S. Im aware that for some us, if not all, are having a hard time this id like to say that i love you very much, if you haven't heard it from anyone, and that things are about to change as they always do, for better or worse….#godspeed..

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Wind Speaks

God needed a DJ and he took Nujabes...

Storm Washington

@李魷子 this user you55r own t





Max Power

@Flavio Davila Apparently, you didn’t read the Old Testament... and lighten up a little Flanders!

Flavio Davila

God doesn’t kill people for his pleasure

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Don't give up guys.
I don't know what's going on with your lives, just don't give up.
I believe in you guys. Much love.

Hey y'all, i'm still here. I still see y'all commenting for the past 5 years, and I still believe in y'all. Keep your heads up high, and smile! It may be hard at times, but if we share some positivity, we can all get through any obstacle in our paths.
Look after yourself, and your loved ones. Let's get it.

Davi De Queiroz

reading this after a hard day. thanks so much man.


Thank you man. You seem amazing

Mikko Laulainen

Awesome that you're still coming back 5 years later

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