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Reflection Eternal
Nujabes Lyrics

Head high up
High, up high
My head high up
High, up high

You're a flower
You're a river
You're a rainbow

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Can honestly say never met a more positive internet community then Nujabes fanbase, so glad I discovered his music. Definitely helping with my final exam studying!

Alfredo, leggo

@Sven what’s going on man? You make it?

Lion Machine

I think the music we listen to reflects an individual's personality.

Patrick Garry Clarke

I wanna be added the the groupchat u have of hip hop / nujabes! How can i join


Apparently Azula fans are secretly evil. Met one he was 👀😳. So yeah. We used to be a good fan base. Hopefully the new fans will chill and see the innocence and moral of the show: the test of optimism. It really showed me the way. Almost. God showed me more. About me and the world. Love Nujabes now. He's a Lofi King. Can't believe I didn't here this stuff from him until now.


Like they want to shred you for having a opinion. And that's not cool.

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Don't give up guys.
I don't know what's going on with your lives, just don't give up.
I believe in you guys. Much love.

Hey y'all, i'm still here. I still see y'all commenting for the past 5 years, and I still believe in y'all. Keep your heads up high, and smile! It may be hard at times, but if we share some positivity, we can all get through any obstacle in our paths.
Look after yourself, and your loved ones. Let's get it.


You are a man
I really cured.

Marvin Philip Magunot

thank you


Legendary. Thank you 🔥

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