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by Amadeus Awad

I met a man
Who spent his life
For a dime and five
On every avenue
But I never knew
He'd see the world
With better eyes
He'd laugh at our
Earthly lies
He stared and asked
"Boy, is that you?"
He knew my name
He knew my shame
He said
"Boy don't you dare to blame
yourself for this, Don't you know
That it's all temporary,
You, your face
And the pain,
It's all temporary,
My mind is cold
And vain"

I wonder what daddy felt
When he said his last words,
What colors did he see
As he left this ugly world

Did he hang on to a breath
Did he fight for his life
Did he think of the kids
Did he smile for his wife?

His son will never
Ever learn
That the light of
The fire burns
Upon a touch
That love is too much...

He'll be straying
Left and right
Wondering where
To spend the night
His stranger heart
Is torn apart

But it's all temporary
You, your face
And the pain
It's all temporary
My mind is cold
And vain.

I looked art in the eyes; I embraced her, read her,
played her strings...
The lunatic, the mad, the insane...
I am.
I want the whole universe to know that
The story begins...

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