Kingdom of One
Android Lust Lyrics

he is made of shit
wants not a glimpse of the sun
wandering my pretty
hides in his lover's cunt
so he says (to me)
you've got to let go of (your beliefs)
for I have seen men (fall)
worth more than you'd ever be
so don't you see what I (mean)
your mind could never (conceive)
the knowledge that I (possess)
to share at my will
oh my precious thing
you stand out but none can see
bitter hollow soul
pity the kingdom less king

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Comments from YouTube:

Lauren Integra

Wow, i just got reintroduced to 15 year old me..


This makes me stomp my feet every time she gets to the "SO HE SAYS TO ME" part.

space invadaz

I love this song so much I can't explain it

Astara Lux

Shikkee is just plain brilliant! Love her music!

Sam Sinz

He'll yes


It's like Hollywood Marilyn Manson mixed with Downward Spiral NIN

Vanessa Torres


Meme13100 !!

o.o i know right.....

Nunya Byness

Obviously this is proof why our species has a long way to go to get beyond primitiveness, other wise this song would have millions of hits. Damn humans...