Young Cleopatra
Andy Partridge/XTC Lyrics

I see them offering you gum
I hear the swarming schoolkids' hum
A tribe of polyester warriors spellbound
They bring you offerings to please

Like cigarettes or new LP's
You'll have them on their knees and begging
Just to play with your comb
One glance from those two eyes
Will seal your playground empire
My oh my, what a sight for sore eyes, young Cleopatra
My oh my, what a wonderful prize, young Cleopatra
You'll never be a queen unless you do as you're told

You wouldn't understand it being fourteen years old
Don't ever give your love for free
But then again, don't even let it be sold
You have your teachers in a trap

There's no age limit or no gap
To who you set alight with firebombs...
I'm glad your father is my friend
And now that school is at an end

He's only an excuse for me
To wait here at your palace gates
One glance from those two eyes
Will seal your playground empire

Your school uniform looks grey on others and silver on you
Your yellow wooden rule a golden sceptre to prove it's true
You're at the youth club near the drums
The young guitarist buzzer strums

Anything his royal majesty wishes
Your borrowed perfume fills the air
Pale nostrils start to flare
It's more than some can bear

But this is your court and they are your dogs
One glance from those two eyes
Will seal your playground empire

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Comments from YouTube:


Ive heard a version that was more guitar heavy. Anybody have it?

Letluv Rule

yes, heard i have...

Jason Lefler

I told Andy once that this was a great lost song and could've been a hit single.
This was June 1995.
He could barely recall the tune at first.
I thought,
this man has forgotten more than most of us will ever know.

Peter Wesley Bastone

awesome track....shared to the Netshows Radio "Program 182" Playlist on youtube

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