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Master of Puppets in 50 Styles
Anthony Vincent Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Anthony Vincent:

Problem It's Iggy Iggs! I got one more problem with you girl! Hey…

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Ludwig Van Beethoven

0:13 Metallica
1:14 Culture Club
1:25 Misfits
1:35 Supremes
1:49 David Bowie
1:50 King Diamond
1:55 The Kinks
2:00 The Weeknd
2:08 Corpse Husband
2:11 Lynard Skynyrd
2:16 Queen
2:18 J.S Bach
2:23 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
2:31 James Brown
2:40 Spiritbox
2:46 Fugees
2:52 Daft Punk
3:00 Dir En Grey
3:08 Opera
3:14 Smashing Pumpkins
3:23 Irish Drinking Music
3:29 Sea Shanty
3:35 Dirty Loops
3:43 Metallica
4:01 90s Soap Opera Intro
4:13 Pyretta the cat
4:27 Pentatonix
4:45 Dream Theater
4:53 Celtic Music
5:00 Gunship
5:14 DOOM, Soundtrack Music (Mick Gordon)
5:24 Heavy Metal Choir
5:26 Sabaton
5:34 Clown Core
5:53 Arch Echo (featuring Arch Echo)
6:01 Metallica
6:08 French (hon hon hon)
6:15 Reggaeton
6:20 Not knowing what I want to listen to while driving around
6:28 Metallica
6:34 Slayer
6:38 Phil Collins
6:45 Megadeth
6:48 Anthrax
6:52 Blue Oyster Cult
7:00 3a Rule
7:05 Linkin Park
7:25 The Beatles
7:36 Soundgarden
7:43 Harry Styles
7:47 Ozzy Osbourne

All comments from YouTube:

Anthony Vincent

Ten Second Man reigns supreme.


Do a full misfits cover

Dr. Demonyk

So who won???

Thalia Ivette Galicia Valverde

Fuck yeah!

Jaffer Ridaa

Supreme indeed

Akash Bhaduri

Hey man!! Please do harder better Faster stronger by daft punk in different styles

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JJ's One Girl Band

Standing there for 1 minute straight staring in the camera without even blinking xD That's class, waiting until the vocals start. I really loved the massive different styles in this one! 4:04 killed me xD

Wesley Reimer

I thought my video has frozen... Scared me 😂

Mayfair Forest Witch

Clearly he wins most of staring contests with his cat :D

Hey Arnoldo Montaño

* awkardly stares at you for 1 minute *

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