In Memoriam
Arcana Lyrics

The memory of a long life
The aching of a loved one
The reminiscence of what's been
The feeling of hurting
In sadness
In memoriam

The recall of compassion
The longing of your warm embrace
The fear of being left alone
The feeling of sorrow
In sadness
In memoriam

The remembrance of a dark time
The emotions of profound grief
The fear of falling down to deep
The feeling of mourning
In sadness
In memoriam

Dedicated to Harald Bjärgö 1922-2010

Contributed by Grayson I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Incrível... Realmente incrível! Espero vê-los no Brasil algum dia.


Masterpiece of art! The best album I heard with such ambiental music since Kauan's last album an year ago!!! I heard this song on a radio show in Poland and Im glad to discover the music now. Something close to Dead Can Dance in all the best aspects!! You gotta come to Poland and play it live!!! /Respect


Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad to hear you have good music on the radio in Poland;) Not much to say about that here in Sweden;) Hopefully we will one day be invidted to Poland again. It was way too long ago!


one of the most beautiful sad songs I have ever heard. It keeps on ringing in my brain and I dont get fed up from repeating it. I love it and I love the singer. It is amazing. I feel I want to go through the screen to see the real singer.


S SD thank you for your words!

David Bizdikian

It is hauntingly and painfully beautiful. 😢 ❤️ 💜 🖤


Thank you! We all must go through this pain. It gets better, but the sadness will never completely go away!

Elizabeth Cadena

Very amazing music Arcana makes every song has meaning behind it


Elizabeth Cadena thank you!


Beautiful voice! Simply amazing.

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