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by Athletics

Living like animals with no real shame.
Like creatures that exist that God didn't create.
My body speaks to me and I understand.
It makes me say to it, "your wish is my command." Like feeling tired but wanting to stay awake, or spending money to cover up a mistake.
Like running fast but always taking long breaks.
Just like the feelings that she said she didn't fake.
I want to see the best version of me.
The me that I know is not my friend at all.
A man can trust himself to spend his life away.
Trust himself to drink 'till there's a smile on his face.
A drink can trust a man to have another sip.
A man can trust a sip to stop his trembling lips.
Like reading half and never open it again.
Saying I was there when I ain't ever been.
How I feel about the way God taunts.
The same is the way I give my body what it wants.
I want to see the way I want to see.
I'm all alone.
I'm not my friend at all.
I'm dead to me.
I'm just a body.
Is a man really alive if he can't control his own life?

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