Autolux Lyrics

All for one growing, in you, growing
you can be afraid of it, but callously go on
bend to me, darling, you'll see, darling
it's a violet way we have, even when we smile

we're so dumb someways, so dumb, always
tied up and pulled apart, like a kidnapped root
kill your best ideas, your crossed beliefs
catch a glimpse of natalie in catalina fog
shut your mouth, ooh
shut your mouth, ah
shut your mouth, ooh
shut your mouth...

Contributed by Sydney E. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


most under-appreciated band in the world.


@Leon Bingel Failure is super boring in comparison to Autolux.

Chang Man

@Aura failure fuckin slap


@Leon Bingel failure is whatever.
Autolux’s first album is amazing though

Leon Bingel

Is failure...

Federico Rodriguez Lopez

Greg is pure gold


Man, Karla fuckin drives this song so well. She's so powerful yet so cautious, it's like watching a doberman balance a piece of meat on its nose.


Well said mate. She’s one of the greatest drummers I’ve ever heard or seen. For sure.

You’d only understand it though if you play music or drums specifically.


I jut now stumbled onto this band... in 2020. How did I miss this band? I must be living under a rock. This is outstanding!

xeo ˵ˊᯅˋ˵

same with me

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