I Surrender
Bee Gees Lyrics

From the highest tower,
I will call you home.
It's the same old story,
love will find its own (oh).

You come to me, conspiracy of the night.
The heart that you want just happens to be mine.
Thieves in the dark, you ought to be locked in chains
but you wind up on my side, and what will be will be.
That you wear a disguise, the epitome of deceit.
The face of a friend invisible on the street.
If you are battling to be mine, I'm victorious in defeat
and I surrender (I surrender), I surrender.

Anybody want me, anyone know my name.
Do it in a lifetime,
you be dust and the soul survives.
Evens up the score (ah).

From the highest tower,
I will call you home.
It's the same old story,
love will find its own.

And I surrender,
take me for all time.
Love that lasts forever,
and I surrender.

We are elite, prisoners of the night.
We fight to the finish and savour the delights.
It's your body that got me beat, and I'm crumbling at your feet,
I surrender (I surrender), I surrender.

(I surrender)
I will walk through fire to keep you safe and sound (oh no, oh no).
In the final hour, turn my life around (oh no),
and I surrender, take me for all time.

You are the air that I breathe (oh)

I will walk through fire, keep you safe and sound.
In the final hour, turn my life around (oh).
This is my life (life) story (story), I've been lost and found (oh no, oh no).
In the final hour (in the final hour), turn my life around (oh no).

And I surrender (surrender),
take me for all time.
I surrender , ah
love as warm as wine
I surrender ah ah...


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Comments from YouTube:

David Dubois

I'm a Bee Gees lover, forever, The Bee Gees, my life !!!



Kim Bergeron


vickie OAKES

I don't think a day goes by that I don't listen to the Bee Gees this album "Still Waters" is one of my very favorites every song on it is great and also the cd with bonus songs on it with "Rings Around The Moon" such a hauntingly beautiful song sung mostly by Robin there just all great songs on that "Still Waters'  album and Maurice said that out of all of their albums he thought "Still Waters" was his favorite, he said that when asked in an interview.

The Master E

This is the ultimate "Caucasian Persuasion Trio" They were obviously God gifted to be merely enjoyed for all time by all races. These are true sound Masters of the music industry among the very best ever heard who made enormous contributions that will forever be deeply embedded in our hearts. They were dynamically perfect and highly creative in their musical skill set: That's in lyrics/per song/ vocals and in their own style including great instrumentation. Absolute talent: A singing family of brothers in perfect harmony with hits that made the entire world ROCK. So once again it has been clearly proven that THROW BACK music is truly the best sound of today

Strukle D

@Mick Johnson Thank you so much for this comment and explanation. I was just feeling the joy and love in every tone and every verse...and so much joy they were radiating .... But you two sirs, explained that I should stop feeling guilty about loving them! Those bastards really hurted them a lot with their organised boycott and mockery. I bet there is millions of people regretting now that they were under influence and not persistent in searching the news about their albums... I am so sorry that I was not insisting on seeing them together singig live!

Mick Johnson

Dude, I don't know who you are....but, your explanation of one greatest groups of all time is definitely the best description of these immortal musicians.  I've toured with the Four Tops, Temptations, The Drifters, Buddy Guy, When In Rome, Lynyard Skynard, Toby Keith, Morris Day and the Time.  Played with Tower of Power, Blood Sweat & Tears, Maynard Ferguson, The Gap Band, Bill Tillman, La Fiebre and probably more than i can remember because i'm a professional Trumpet player, and, no band in the history of music has reinvented themselves as many times and every time been good enough to make it sound like the times.  The most amazing band to me in the history of music.  The Beatles only wish they could have been as great of musicians.  I would love to see Paul McCartney write down a chord progression ever as great as Barry Gibb or Maurice.  And, amazingly, Robin might have had a better voice than Barry....just didn't have as much stage presence.  And even more amazing to me???  Have you ever found the video of Maurice singing lead on a song.....i've only found one but it turns out that Maurice's voice might have been one of the most bendable voices in the entire world and especially in his group, The Bee Gee's which actually stands for "The Brothers Gibb"!!!  In fact, Maurice, came up with many of the progressions to their songs......and, after much research, Barry is the richest musician alive today and the Bee Gees are one of the richest groups in the history of music.  They are truly, to me, the greatest group in the history of music.  I would like for someone to tell me who is the greatest if they aren't and i will provide many many facts to disprove their claims.  Just go listen to Indian Summer on You Tube only to find out Barry wrote it and all of the great falsettos of his time were the singers on the song and they all played and sang different styles of music.  In the multiple videos of Indian Summer, Larry Gatlin is teaching Roy Orbison how to sing the second verse.  Crazy Crazy Crazy Good!!  I think it's one of Barry Gibbs greatest songs.  Just listen and you decide how brilliant it is.......and Roy Orbison and Larry Gatlin are freaking amazing.  Notice at the end of the video of the recording session how excited and happy all of the musicians are......they are going crazy about how good the recording they just made went.......Barry Gibb is the happiest......we are discussing some of the greatest musicians singing each others songs and loving how great it is.  Only God through them created that music!!!!

sheshachalam sriram

words r not enough to praise beegees

Spud Johnsonn

It really makes me sad this song wasn't cut as a single, It had everything to be a No. 1 hit, they could never shake the Disco backlash, even know they were never a Disco band !


This would’ve been top 10 easily, definitely should have been a single release.

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