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Big Not Blues
Bert Weedon Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Bert Weedon:

Guitar Boggie Shuffle Aerosmith Box Of Fire Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogi…
Guitar Boogie Shuffle Aerosmith Box Of Fire Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogi…

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Comments from YouTube:

Ulster Red Guard

Ah yes, reminds me of sniping deathclaws from afar

Executor Akamia

So wait, this is the real title of the song?

Why do all the uploads that associate it with the Fallout New Vegas soundtrack call it "Lazy Day Blues" instead?


Ah, the sound quality on the the version I linked... Probably FLAC c^: anyways, I am not sure what the reason they renamed the track(s) is but yes, the original name is "Big Not Blues". As for "YouTube" listing both versions of the name, it could be an algorithm/A.I error; these Topic channels are bot generated.



@Executor Akamia To my knowledge, the one or two of the Burt Weedon songs were renamed but I can't remember why.


the short version is, Yes, this is the real title of this song
long version is its licensed by "APM music" who provided i think the entire new vegas soundtrack, and they call it 'lazy day blues. lazy day or big note blues aside its still a 1958 track by Burt Weedon

Executor Akamia

Mmyes, I'm aware.

It's very strange. I actually bought the song off iTunes earlier today, and it was going by the title used in New Vegas. Makes me wonder if it was officially re-titled at some point, either by the artist himself or whoever owns the music nowadays. I don't know how that works.

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Burley Z

Play this on a summer morning sitting on the porch with a coffee and reeferđź‘Ś

Cole The Swole

Perfect chill out song

The Dwagonborn

One of my favorite songs to play

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