Brian Eno & David Byrne Lyrics

The dimming of the light makes the picture clearer
It's just an old photograph, there's nothing to hide
When the world was just beginning

I memorized her face so it's not forgotten
I hear the wind whistle in, come back anytime
And we'll mix our lives together
Heaven knows, what keeps mankind alive
Every hand goes searching for its partner in crime
Under chairs and behind tables
Connecting to places we have known

I'm looking for a home, where the wheels are turning
Home, why I keep returning
Home, where my world Is breaking in two
Home, with the neighbors fighting
Home, always so exciting
Home, were my parents telling the truth?
Home, such a body feeling
Home, no one ever speaking
Home, with our bodies touching
Home, and the cameras watching
Home, will infect whatever you do
Where home, comes to life from out of the blue

Tiny little box from a beach at sunset
I took a drink from a jar and into my head
Familiar smells and flavors
Vehicles are stuck on the plains of heaven
I've seen their wheels spinning round
And everywhere I can hear those people saying
That the eye is the measure of the man
You can fly from the stuff that spills around you
We're home and the band keeps marching on
Connecting to every living sole
Compassion for things I'll never know

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Lane Barker

The genius that is David Byrne has a way of subtly reminders of who we are and how small we are. I am always amazed at how this little quirky guy we think of in Talking Heads MTV vids, the parodied movements still seen on late night talk shows? Underneath lies one of the most relevant lyrical thinkers of the last century. When Byrne decides to really touch us, we feel it. I don't have a single cd, or anything that a fan would have, but I am moved to emotions and reflection from this and his other masterpieces. Truly a great, much understated talent. Like all before him who matter, his art will not be appreciated until he is gone. I think Mr Byrne wants to leave exactly what he will, a legacy. Yes my comment is a bit deeper than seems appropriate, but so is the message delivered in Home. Pardon me I must listen once more while I'm thinking about it.

Seth Royal


Tony Bates

The man is a total original.

Mizzy Liebhart

Well spoken !


I love this song so much. It's one of my all time favorites. I'll always be looking for a home. I've been searching for decades and still haven't found it. My home is earth and that's good enough.

꧁Ray si da fuoco꧂

“Casa” non è un luogo, è un momento, un qualcuno, potrebbe essere una persona.
“Casa” è un sentimento che non ti fa sentire solo, non è un edificio, se ti senti “a casa” con qualcuno, allora si, sei a casa, ma non importa dove sarai, con quella persona sei e sarai sempre a casa

Max Enrique Gonzales

Home ... is where you belong to. At this moment!

Stevie Pools

yeah me to MYSTERYJESUS im still looking for a home as well


Maybe you'll find it inside instead of a certain location..

Lola Flores

Home is where you hang your hat....It might not be where you are living now, but eventually it will be the place you hang your hat....

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