I Will Forget You
C.N.Blue Lyrics

I'll forget you
The more you stay inside of me
The weaker I grow
I'll forget you

Tomorrow I will turn and let you go
I'll grow colder
I'll lose myself in anything but you now
For there is nothing I can do now
But forget
I'll forget you
I won't remember arms that pulled me in soft
And slow
I'll forget you
There has to be a way to let you go

No more shadows
No dreams of leaning in the dark above you
I will forget how much I love you
Any day

Every evening shivers
With the chance that you are near
And every morning whispers
He is here

Each moment is a fight
Not to rush into your light
Not to move closer
But to make you disappear

I'll forget you
I've got to find the strength
To pull away from your glow
I'll forget you

God help me see
The way to let you go
I do not want you
And still you steal each breath
I'm breathing from me

With just a touch, you overcome me
And I let you
I will forget you
When I die

I will forget you
I will forget you

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Comments from YouTube:

Jung Chun-jee

Who's listening this 2020??

Saherish's World

me me me me

may jasmine

I can' t forget about you ....

Aira Mae Abcede

This is the song sang by Park Shin Hye in Heartstrings right?

Sne Joon

Yes :) It's CNBLUE's song :)


Such wonderful voice. A great talent.


I never imagined .. singing this song while try to forget you... lee jonghyun oppa... you bastardddddd!!!!! 😭😭😭 T.T


He was a witness NOT a perpetrator! REAL fans get FACTS FIRST


They dont know how involved he was since he himself stopped being in their group chats for some years now. Korean society is very different then anywhere else. To tell the truth if these ppl werent famous it wouldn't even be on the news. Its hyped up because of that. There are actually prostitute houses in korea that you go to get them. Lots of business men do it in korea. I know you might think it's super bad but there it's not that's why the jail time is only 3 years. He admitted he watched a video but he might not at the time know that it was unwilling taped. He feels bad about it now that the only real reason why he let his name out... I'm getting all this info from my family in korea btw.

Anya Mohanad

Same here 😭😭😭😭😭

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