Love Pases Dimensions
Cassandra Wilson Lyrics

I felt you move beyond the stratosphere
I searched my mind but could't find you there
The night was black, a comet pierced the sky
How can it be that you don't hear my cry?
All through the night I tossed
It seemed as if a thousand years
Were slipping past my eyes
And falling, tear by tear

love phases dimensions
And travels faster than the speed of light
Love phases dimensions
Growing stronger

we're worlds apart and yet you must be near
The planet burns, I said I have no fear
Tonight you sleep beneath a foreign moon
I pray to god you'll be returning soon
As nebulae collapse and galaxies disintegrate
Our hearts will meet regardless of the wait

love phases dimensions
And travels faster than the speed of light
Love phases dimensions
And it's growing stronger


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Andrea Stanford

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@Thanai Jasmine Mean? How so?

Thanai Jasmine

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Thanai Jasmine

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Maargen Bx

This guy says Malia’s talked about a lot and is always in the news, but I haven’t heard a word about her for years until this video.

Presh Presh

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Nigerians seem to be fascinated with her. How does a foreigner get inside the Obama house??.

Alvin Flynn



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