Moose The Mooche
Charlie Parker Lyrics

Charlie Parker - Alto Sax
Miles Davis - Trumpet
Lucky Thompson - Tenor Sax
Arvin Garrison - Guitar
Dodo Marmarosa - Piano
Vic McMillan - Bass
Roy Porter - Drums


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Here comes the "Charlie Parker Septet" who can be heard above: Miles Davis (trumpet) Charlie Parker (alto saxophone) Lucky Thompson (tenor saxophone) Dodo Marmarosa (piano) Arvin Garrison (guitar, who doesn't play on this track) Vic McMillan (bass) Roy Porter (drums) - Radio Recorders, Hollywood, CA, March 28, 1946. The tune is not about a moose from Kay Cee.

Rachel Tweddle

KaRidder234 4&


Might be my new favorite Paker in-studio recording. Miles Davis is bebopping way harder than he does in pretty much any other recording; Thomson's solo sounds, as someone else in the comments here put it, "mean," which is in sharp contrast to Dodo Marmarosa's cheerful, effortlessly graceful melodies. And of course, Charlie himself is the icing on the cake.


Thomson was playing Coleman Hawkins style. Cole was Da Man until Charl came along.


Dizzy Gillespie photos over the trumpet solo when it's Miles playing 😂😂😂

Enter a name here

Bird's face and pose in the picture at 0:47 is a perfect reaction to the first few phrases of his solo haha

Terrell Holmes

For some reason, Bird's face and posture in that photo remind me of Ralph Kramden....

Wade Harris

Parker played tenor for Earl Hines, and there have been some recordings surface from the mid-'40s with Bird jamming on tenor. He also played tenor for Miles' first session as leader, then in the early '50s once again sat in on tenor on an album Miles did for Prestige (where Bird is credited as "Charlie Chan").

John Douglas

Love classical music!


Best punchline of the day

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