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J Dilla Lyrics

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[Frank Zappa samples]
Alright, he wants to go get his girlfriend
Go get your girlfriend
Alright, and now, you are going to dance
Like you've never danced before
This..They'll be mashed
They'll be mashed

Sure, it's strange
Sure, it's strange

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to J Dilla's song Mash are quite intriguing as they juxtapose two different sources of audio. The first part of the lyrics comprise a sample from a Frank Zappa interview where he appears to be giving instructions to someone. Zappa tells the person to go get their girlfriend and then to dance as if they have never danced before. This part of the lyrics could imply that J Dilla is trying to get his audience to loosen up and dance without holding back. The second part of the lyrics is likely a personal creation by J Dilla as he says, "This..They'll be mashed, They'll be mashed." This phrase is repeated throughout the song and serves as a sort of mantra that listeners can chant along with. The lyrics could thus be interpreted as an encouragement to listeners to let loose and get mashed up with the music.

Overall, J Dilla's song Mash is a fascinating mix of different sounds and styles. The lyrics convey a sense of freedom and abandon that is mirrored in the eclectic mix of musical genres that J Dilla employs in the song. It is a perfect exemplification of J Dilla's unique ability to blend various musical styles and sample disparate sources to create something altogether new and exciting.

Line by Line Meaning

Alright, he wants to go get his girlfriend
The person referenced in the song desires to fetch his significant other.

Go get your girlfriend
Encouragement for the person to pursue and obtain their romantic partner.

Alright, and now, you are going to dance
Now it is time for the person to engage in dancing activity.

Like you've never danced before
Perform the dance in a manner that surpasses all previous attempts.

Confirmation that the previous instructions and statements have been acknowledged.

This..They'll be mashed
The ensuing musical arrangement will be distorted or blended together in a unique way.

They'll be mashed
Further emphasizing the blending or disruption of the musical elements.

Sure, it's strange
Acknowledgment that the resulting composition may appear unconventional or peculiar.

Sure, it's strange
Restatement of the earlier observation, perhaps with added emphasis.

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All comments from YouTube:

Nero Sol TV

My favorite beat of ALL TIME!!!! Right next to Fat Jon's "Tell Me" beat. I'll never forget waking up to this beat whenever I fell asleep while [Adult Swim] was on, hearing such beauty as a preteen does something unique to the mind. I was so moved by this track that I used to stay up every night in anticipation of hearing only 5-8 seconds of this beat playing on [as], I'll never forget those days.Thank you Dilla!


i fucking love fat jon hes got so many good songs. I love these group of guys like J Dilla Pharcyde Yancy Boys Souls of Mischief Flying Lotus and APHEX TWIN for those who REALLY Love electronic genius they all take insane inspiration from each other and i wear my shirt with Donuts album cover on it proudly quite often after all these years. J DILLA CHANGED MY LIFE


@Nero Sol TV Im a huge fat jon fan so your comment got my attention. Im actually surprised i didnt know this beat of him, its a beauty, thanks man.

Scenery Aesthetic

Same here my man, AS’s music on their bumps really molded me as a person and what i grew to like, introduced me to so many great artists. I’m 26 now and still love this stuff.

shpongle chunch

i love it

Nero Sol TV

Yes I certainly do bro, I love it!

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y'all know why it was called donuts right? it was just an album of sweet loops.


mind = blown 🤯

The WickerShire Project Off Grid

Bumping the Bump!

more snqp

and cause the whole album loops too

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