Round Midnight
Charlie Parker Lyrics

I gotta have you now, it's not an option
You're taking off your blouse and I'm watching
In front of you mirror, i turn the curtain down
I couldn't be any clearer what we're gonna do now

I wanna see you riding and grinding and
We're gonna get it right we're colliding we're
Gonna have to keep quiet trying to keep it down
You're taking off my sweater for another go round
For another go round
For another go round

I gotta have you now, just can't take it
I wanna put you down when we're faded
At the top of your lungs, you'll be screaming my name
And we've gone too far to call it all the way

I'll pick you up and lay you on the kitchen counter
Say you couldn't do about it, I'm okay if you're about it
Down on very direction, got me hypnotized
I'm hallucinating, going out of my mind
For another go round
For another go round

It's like every other evening, let me see what you can do
Yeah, ohoho i got all this paper, let me throw it all on you
For another go round
For another go round


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Comments from YouTube:

martin saltzman

Bud Powell on this piece plays the best solo of his life and of the lives of all other pianists.


Bird is very good, but Bud Powell is just on another level here - simply inspired is an understatement.


Many years ago I had a piano-player friend who reckoned Bud's playing on this was as great as Beethoven...
No argument from me..

T. M.


Lenny Breau

pleasure to the ears...

Ido Leibowitz

anyone knows a version that is not a half step sharp?


@saucy risi How did it pan out? I'd be interested to know how Bird's sound came out...


It's not a problem if you had the album on vinyl and a turntable with a speed control. A long time ago I did that with a vinyl of Bird Is Free; the difference was staggering.
Doing it in analogue gives you the sound much closer to the original than just altering it digitally, but doing it any way you can to put it into the original key is bound to be worthwhile.

saucy risi here you go

saucy risi

Nvm I'm doing it now I've got nothing else to do

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