Retreat Hell Part 2
Combichrist Lyrics

Tonight I'm covering the city
in posters that yells "Fuck You"
Fuck your Politics,Opinions and Agenda
You try to fix my life
You don't have a fucking clue
The left can go sit on this finger
The right can go and sit on something even bigger
Too afraid of living, you have to belong
You got one shot at life
It's not easy to be strong

When you grab your life by the neck
Don't grab the card
Grab the whole fucking deck
who said you have to play fair
your parents, your teachers and how they got there
do what it please, you don't have to play
like your brother, just watch his back
and be there for each other
I don't care what you are
what body you're in
If you're being an asshole
get the fuck outta my way
There's too many isms
I don't care for either one
Why not try to be human and
Have some fucking fun

I don't care about your God, your gods or your goddess
but i respect that you believe
Now I'm trying to be honest
Fuck your views on immigration
and your generation revolution
We're all fucking immigrants of superhuman fusion
Now when i say "Super" I mean super fucked
Keep your door to your heart open
But keep your guns cocked

You're always busy bitching and complaining
and you say so are you
Yeah but it's true i can't hide it
I complain about fucking idiots like you

I don't blame the suits though
they are paying for the party
sure it could be better
but the party just got started
I celebrate life
the opportunities are few
I don't care what they expect
they can't tell me what to do
I don't know where we're going
but we're going there fast
So I'm staying at the party
as long as it last
I say fuck this world up the ass
If we're going to hell
We're flying first class
There is love but i doubt you can see it
Technically it's chemicals
But i doubt you can feel it
(Voicemail of some funny guy plays)

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