Vater Unser
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No more sympathy

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to Combichrist's song 'Vater Unser' are a powerful commentary on the destructive nature of religion and how it drives people to abandon empathy and compassion for those who are different from them. The title of the song itself is a reference to the Lord's Prayer, which in German translates to "Our Father". However, the lyrics take a sinister turn as the singer declares "No more sympathy, no more tolerance, it's time to fucking end this", displaying a clear frustration with the hypocrisy and bigotry that often accompanies religious beliefs.

The song goes on to criticize the hierarchical nature of religion, with the lines "God has spoken, now we pay, for they have come to take our rights away". This can be interpreted as a commentary on the way that religious institutions have historically been used to enforce oppressive social norms and norms that deny basic human rights. The song concludes with a defiant declaration that the singer will not be silenced, saying "I won't be silent, I won't obey, I won't believe these fucking lies, not one more fucking day".

Overall, the lyrics to 'Vater Unser' are a powerful and incisive critique of the harm that can come from organized religion, particularly when it is used to justify discrimination and oppression.

Line by Line Meaning

No more sympathy
There will be no more kindness, understanding or compassion

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