Heavy Soup
Cornershop Lyrics

A splendid thing, ladies and gentlemen
Tonight, we're gonna slip the drummer one
And walk that [?]

Let's build it up now, let's build it up

(While you're rolling, let it roll)

Like that!
A packed out show for you tonight
A record breaking crowd here at the Bay's Clover

They'll be appearing with guest friends, such as
Barry G, Fat Morgan, and X-Men's Rob Swift

All the way from London
All the way from Central London
They'll be robbing classics like
"We Can't Deny It"
"The Raised Platform"
"Motion The 11"
Rock stash, we call it "the cash money"
"Lesson Learned From Rocky I to Rocky III", yeah

The Hot For May Sound
Would you please give a warm San Francisco welcome, as we move the program on
A warm welcome, for Tjinder Singh, and Cornershop
Yeah, yeah

Writer(s): Tjinder Singh

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