The Wave
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The wave
The wave, wave, wave...

The wave
The wave, wave, wave...

The wave
The wave, wave, wave...

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to Cosmic Gate's "The Wave" are incredibly simplistic, consisting of only two words repeated over and over again: "The wave." However, the lack of any deep or profound lyrics is intentional, as the song is meant to evoke a single emotion and feeling - the power and awe of a massive wave crashing into shore. The repetition of the words "The wave" serves to reinforce this feeling, as it becomes almost a mantra that the listener can chant along with.

Beyond the lyrics themselves, the song's instrumentation is what really drives home the sensation of being caught up in a powerful wave. The pounding bassline and driving beat mimic the rise and fall of the waves, while the soaring synth melody is reminiscent of the rush of adrenaline that comes with riding on top of a powerful wave. In this way, the song is able to convey a sense of kinetic energy and excitement that is hard to put into words.

Line by Line Meaning

The wave
The natural movement of the ocean, symbolic of the constantly changing nature of the world.

The wave, wave, wave...
Repeated emphasis on the power and presence of the wave, as if echoing its endless force.

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illustrious iNc

2023 is about to hit and I'm still on The Wave
Timeless classic

Michał Jastrzębski

Dziękuję Bogu dobroci,miłosierdzia że dał nam bycie w szczęśliwości z Naszym Panem Chrystusem

Michał Jastrzębski

niech was Pan dobra wzbogaći w łaski które będą wam potrzebne . Jastrząb

Ulises Cabrera

back when each techno song had they're very own uniqueness and you can actually tell the name of each one just by the first beat

Pablo Jesus Chavez Navarro

Da igual lo que sea,es un temazo d ela ostia¡¡¡¡¡


@FuzzyOtterPaws is not the same "thing", they are different styles, if you don't about it, what do you do listening this song?

xKM - The BaseTec Channel

Over now.


@youtube account They're all the same thing basically at least to me. Any cool sounding tech stuff with synths and things and good beats I guess

youtube account

I miss when people called trance techno instead of edm

20 More Replies...


I Love this track. Listen in 2020

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