Reason to Love
Crush Lyrics

I'm in trouble again
Much deeper than the times before
When I was only young
I feel like I'm losing again
And I just can't win no more
Am I the smoking gun?

Oh, the reason to love is there
I try to reason with love
But I always get nowhere
I can love you, but I can't stay here

We've been breathing the air
Down deep into the lungs of hope
In spite of all we've said
But this ain't going nowhere
And with every breath, I choke
Would you rather see me dead?

Oh, the reason to love is there
I try to reason with love
But I always get nowhere
I can love you, but I can't stay here

Oh, thinking about
All the times
I've run out before
I'm one delusional dove
All illusions of love for me
This I know for sure

I'm in trouble again
Much deeper than the times before
Am I the only one?

Oh, the reason to love is there
I try to reason with love
But I always get nowhere
I can love you, but I can't stay here

Oh, the reason to love is there
I try to reason with love
But I always get nowhere
I can love you, but I can't stay here


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When someone gets in love, it is normal to gain obsession. Soo people don't loose hope.

In reality, every relationship works differently, and the only way a relationship can get unhealthy with obsession is just if one of the two partners don't find them selfs comfortable or doesn't like it, but as long as both of the partners are ok with that kind of obsession, then there's nothing to worry about.

Obsession in a nutshell is literally to not stop thinking of someone. It can literally be gained by just admiring a person, when you love someone there will be always something u'll admire of that person, that will make u remind of that person in some circunstances.

People, obsession is not bad in a partner relationship if no one is complaining, outside people can complain bcs they won't understand how ur relationship works, again every relationship is different, it is just up for both of u to decide if u actually like it or not.

(Sorry for my english, i speak spanish. Soo please people, don't let a video destroy your hopes, analyze and most importantly communicate ur situation with your partner, and if the result is that u or ur partner doesn't like your obsession, try getting on a deal to work better together, but if one of you believe is too much to deal with, then it is better to break up because it is just unhealthy for both.)

Apsara Animates!

Let's just say my " Friend " snitched and told him I like him.

And guess what.

He don't like me back

Its been 3 months and I still like him- and I can't even see him due to the fact of C O V I D

Ruyen Niwasama

Me: Sees 1
My mind: Its okay, you think of other shit once in a while-
Me: Sees 2
My mind: He's fictional, its okay
Me: Sees 3
My mind: You cant even talk to him, BUT EM SMIRKS THO-
Me: Sees 4
My mind: You can feel the presence, but you know the difference between fantasy and reality
Me: Sees 5
My mind: Lmao he always ignores you but its all g
Me: Sees 5
My mind: Shh, its ok. It happens, DONT SWEAT-
Me: Sees 6
My mind: Intense sweating
Also my mind: ITS OK, ITS OK-


That's a wrong way of looking at things
1) A lot of people aren't in your age group or even close to it
2) Not everybody wants to be in a relationship
3) A lot of people these days are already committed
4) Few maybe already married if you're 18 & above
5) Half of the population belongs to the same gender as you
6) A lot of people won't fit the criteria of what you look for in a partner

There are probably more things that I missed but you get the point

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Who else hear is crushing on pizza at the moment? Comment below! Also, we have a favor. Yesterday, we did a video about the reasons someone ghost, and a lot of people related to the topic. Just wondering if you could help share the video to bring more awareness to the topic of ghosting. Here's the link: If you did, let us know so we can thank you!

Krish Harasha

I don't even want to talk about her but I'm glad ik I'm not dramatically obsessed. No matter who stays or walk away I'll be good, I have myself.


@Matt Mclaughlin why bullshit?

Matt Mclaughlin

@DontTouchMyTea your reply is bullshit . I posted that like months ago . I don't even remember the video but for you to have no life and reply to a random comment out of all them and it be mine of all people . You must have no life to scan the comments to spread hate try to start a fight or what not


@Matt Mclaughlin that video is bullshit.


While i can agree on most videos, this video is really.. bullshit. Sorry but those symptoms are normal when you fall in love with a person.

Stuttering and being nervous around the person you want to spend your life with, that's normal. It's also normal to want emotional intimacy with that person. Everyone wants that. It's also normal to think about the person during the day. Of course it matters how much you actually love the person, but is it really a symptom for possession?
What even is possession?

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When you realize you’re not in love just in love with the idea of being loved 😔💔


@Psych2Go so I found out this dude in ym class is obssessed with me. I dont like it :( Its really uncomfy


I had a crush for one year and a half and this december I realised I was just liking her by how she looks because she is a baddie (a girl who is low value, who has extremely bad personality and who wants to just hook up with boys all the time). I felt down A WEEK !! But now I am fine, but I have no patience no more, for a girl who can understand me and who can truly love me...I ve been lustful for years only because of the people i lived in my enviroment and I am confident to say it is not my fault because of this!



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