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D.Core Lyrics

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Anders Matthesen Når der virkelig ska' fest på Ska' du husk' at lave…

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In Hell You call us weirdos, call us crazy Say what you want,…
Influence So you can suck my dick if you don't like,…
ocean deep How much do I love you? I'll tell you no lie How…
something like this You know what I think heaven is I think heaven is you You…

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Comments from YouTube:

vaenos mz

show them how filipinos make spaghetti and their souls will leave in no time 😂

Hey Ya!

@kurzor0007 ikr? it violated my mind when my audacious Filipino frienemy sent me the jolibee spaghetti recipe saying it’s best pasta dish in the world. I tried it one and threw up right away. It was violating my refined tastebuds.


@Hey Ya! 😱

Hey Ya!

@kurzor0007 and condensed milk




@harveyscott fun fact, spaghetti are not made with egg, only lasagne, tagliatelle, fettuccine and tagliolini are made with egg in it

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Dr. Florida Man; PhD

Chef Ramsay: And now I’m going to make the most amazing pesto!

Italian Chef: That’s salsa verde. Not pesto.

Lui Ma

@Antistio Labeo it's not actually, maybe you're American...

Antistio Labeo

@John James Rambo It actually is and should be XD

Arturo Margonar

As a food technology student I have a theory of why some non Italian recipes of pesto call for lemon juice.
Jarred pesto can't be pasteurized too strongly or the color and taste of the basil will be completely ruined, therefore the industries add acidifiers to prevent bacterial growth and prolong the shelf life. People who have always eaten store-bought pesto are used to its acid/tangy taste and seek to reproduce it, thinking that that's what it's supposed to taste like, whereas lots of italians (including myself) abhor it because it's totally different from the fresh-made version.

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