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D.Core Lyrics

You know what
I think heaven is
I think heaven is you
You know that a place where I can find happiness
A place close to your lovliness
Some where to rest my acking mine al al
Where there's no time your love just devined
Heaven must be like this
It must be like this
Heaven must be like this
It must be like this
The sweet in sour taste of love
We just made a good place in the shade
A glass of lemonade al al

Don't be afraid just love,
Heaven must be, heaven, must be, like this
Heaven must be like this
Heaven must be like this
It must be like this,
Wrap your love around me
Listen girl there's no place like you
Your all the places
A place where I can find happness
A place close to your lovliness
Some where to rest my acking mine al al
Where there is no time
Heaven must be like this
It must be like this

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I think with some added details to the battle, it might've been more believable, like:

-The first volley takes out the shield generators
-The following ones take out some of the phasers as well as the core ejection systems

That way, it would've made more sense that Data had to trigger the BoP's cloaking device to destroy it and also why the warp core wasn't ejected.

Also, I don't blame Deanna for destroying the ship. In my opinion, she did her best at performing evasive maneuvers. Also, once helm control was offline, there wasn't much she could've done.
At least the majority of the Enterprise's crew was saved.

Some fun fact by the way: The stardrive's explosion was originally the Grissom's from "The Search for Spock".


Look, a starship separation followed by a crash landing was a good way to see the Enterprise D off..... but the way they set it up was appalling. I mean, there were just so many flaws in the way they wrote it:

1. I doubt the shield frequency would just be casually on display in Engineering so that any unauthorised person could just look at it.

2. Why the hell would they not simply remodulate their shields like they did countless times whenever the Borg were able to get through their shields.

3. Even without effective shields, the Enterprise could have disabled the old Klingon ships weapons easily.

4. I don't see how a warp core breach could be predicted to take place in 5 minutes and there not being anything you could do about it.

5. The saucer section was pretty far away from the drive section when it exploded and was at full impulse, how did the explosion cripple the saucers ability to control itself.

6. The saucer has shields that would have protected it against the explosion.

Basically, as with pretty much all the TNG films the writers had no regard for the continuity of the TV show. They could have easily set up the crash landing in a more believable way.


goofball reply....

1) its displayed in engineering, a pretty secure place. it may be a reading thats needed to allow the weapons fired from he enterprise to fire thru. In past episodes, unfrozen 20th century people were on the enterprise and accessed the bridge com via a guest quarters com. the 20th century character was reprimanded and he asked "hey if its restricted, why isn't there a password". Picard replied that in their time, such restrictions weren't necessary because the general conduct of people were much higher. I can see that in that context of less need-to-know, the display of the freq was more useful to the engineers who were all professional. Geordi's visor was the (non gaseous) anomaly!

2) I think the surprise of the attack and enemy was very cunning. Borg, you are already on high vigilance and have an attack plan. These two hardly set off any sense of alarm. its like when you expect one favorite flavor (fruit punch) and then get another favorite (coffee). without the expectation, all you taste is unsweetened bitterness

3) The attack came very fast, they were cloaked, and the damage was done. They did kill them quickly afterwards, re-using the Star Trek 3 exploding Bird of Prey effect... the more egregious crime!

4) My car had a "coolant Leak" and I had to shut the engine, as the fan was overworked and was not cooling the engine. one does not simply shut down a warp core! plus the whole magnetic constrictors thing.. antimatter is a deal with the devil... you will have to pay at some point...

5 and 6) ...and lets not forget that there are no "shockwaves" in space...or is there? Gravimetric waves were measured from black holes colliding from like forever away. I can see a warp core explosion going all singularity on your ass. The sun exerts a solar force, aka solar wind, hence the research in solar sails. Thees enough science fodder to drum up the fiction of a concussive-like blast from a fictional warp core explosion. Admittedly they are so inconstant from show to movie to episode. As for shields, a force as big as a warp core shockwave may still have the pushing force without much dissipation.

I agree with he lack of continuity. remember, this wa all written before streaming made binging possible to the masses!


1. it didn't casually display, Geordie is the chief engineer and has authorization to them. We're also forgetting to mention that even if it was, engineering is a restricted area for authorized personnel only.

2.  They could still see through Geordie's visor, which I'm sure he was looking at the shields seeing as the weapons just passed through it no problem.

3. The other ship still has shields, while the Enterprise is taking the full impacts on it's hull from anti-matter warheads and disruptors. No matter how you look at it the Enterprise is at a complete disadvantage, not to mention I think I would be more worried about getting my 1000 crew compliment away from the Klingon ship rather than go guns blazing risking more hull breeches so my crew can die in the cold vacuum of space.

4. I suppose they could've ejected the core, but then again they still took a lot of damage so it wouldn't surprise me if the function wasn't optional at the time.

5. You're saying that the explosion of a warp core, one that has the energy to manipulate space itself to travel faster than light and power the entire Enterprise supporting 1000 people, wouldn't cause a massive fucking explosion? (No, seriously, what were you thinking when you wrote that!?)

6.  This is the same reason as the one I gave for 6

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That "Ooooh shit!" from Data gets me every time... X-D


@Robert Fulenwider They do, but that was the first and only swear word until the plague of Nu-Trek and now they do it every other word.

Robert Fulenwider

So They Do Cuss In The 24th Century!!

Jim Huffman

He's just says what everyone's thinking

Demarcus Faulkner

Its funny to me

Wise One1494

personally i like Data with the active emotion chip, he was even amazing when Q gave him the brief ability to laugh

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Valkyrie Editing

I still remember as a kid finding this scene strangely terrifying.

Arch Stanton



Yeah and the enterprise being annihilated in one time line by a successful soran was freaky. Only by going into the past in a new timeline is everyone saved but the original time line enterprise is wiped out

Michael Bowie

And Worf turns to Riker and said, "I hate you, I always hated you." as the ship is crashing.

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