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First Impression
DJ Simple Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'First Impression' by these artists:

Akiko Hiramatsu 追いこす風に滑る ストライドで あなたに情熱ごと 逢いにゆくよ 冷めたHeart 蹴飛ばして 熱いReal 抱きしめて…
Amanda Tenfjord You're catching everybody's eyes But you're a walking bunch…
Best Interest You've been on my mind from the day we met and…
DeYarmond Edison I’ve been feeling your hold For a week or so The impressio…
Duran Duran He turns on the animal It's that time of day Here comes…
Hiramatsu Akiko 追いこす風に滑る ストライドで あなたに情熱ごと 逢いにゆくよ 冷めたHeart 蹴飛ばして 熱いReal 抱きしめて…
Ice T Upon initial contact with Ice-T's music, I had envisioned hi…
Ice-T Upon initial contact with Ice-T's music, I had envisioned hi…
Ice‐T Upon initial contact with Ice-T's music, I had envisioned hi…
Yaen feat. CA めぐり逢いは いつも突然 予想外の出来事 別れた後で 心が騒ぎ出すよ どんな人か わからないくせして その面影 忘れられ…

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Comments from YouTube:

Fred mc veigh

Nice informative video and I like the cool way you drifted into the rap and back out again.

Christopher Mosley

Fred mc veigh 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 thanks for watching!!

Fluirmisceláneo //Silente Dantzaris

Which is better for begginers in the world of beatmaking, the Akai Mpd218 or the Akai Mini Mpk 2 ?
Thanks from Spain

Tai Hsu

Fluirmisceláneo //Silente Dantzaris depends whether you want keys or pads more. mpk has both and neither are all that sturdy so don't expect them to be the last controller you buy...


Is this worth for 97 euros? I am thinking of buying it as a starter and then buy a Launchpad Pro in June.

Christopher Mosley

TheGamingDiamond YTTGD Yes, I would say it's worth it. It comes with a lot of software and sounds that you can still use once you get your launchpad pro. It's a good starter beat pad that will help you get a good feel for producing and perfect your workflow.

Olaf Kliemt

hey man, nice review - appreciated.
one thing reg. your 8 out of 10 rating :
you say it doesn't come with many VSTs. please keep in mind that you pay the 99 bucks for a MIDI controller, the hardware. it's not that they (AKAI) want you to invest more money in VSTs, quite on the contrary. the included VSTs and libraries are third party (Sonivox) and worth 400 bucks alltogether. so these are VERY nice freebie giveaways.
the initial setup takes time because the 27GB (if i remeber corerectly) of high qulity samples have to be shovelled onto your harddrive. the MPD218 itself may sometimes need some assigning of notes depending on what DAW or VSTs you use. but the sturdy built and unrivaled pad quality deserve at least a 9.
i use it on Studio One 3 together with an MPC Element (has transport buttons) and i love it.
keep up the good work !

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