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The Girl And The Birch
Dario Marianelli Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Dario Marianelli:

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Milena Megre

For some reason this lyrics differ from the "original" ones that are sang in Russia.
The lyrics posted here on the comments are not what is being sang in the video.
So the lyrics for this one is:

Во поле берёза стояла, во поле кудрявая стояла,
Люли люли стояла, люли люли стояла,
Некому берёзу заломати, некому берёзу защипати
Пойду я в лес погуляю, беляю берёзу заломаю
Люли люли погуляю, люли люли заломаю,
Срежя я с берёзы три пруточка, сделаю себе я три гудочка
Люли люли три гудочка, люли люли три гудочка

All comments from YouTube:


My mom actually sang that to me when I was little.
Very old song.


It's a lullaby.


Would you write the lyrics?


Wow really? Thats cool.

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Here's a phonetic version of the lyrics:
Vo polye byeryoza stayala, vo polye kudryavaya stayala, lyuli, lyuli, (loo-lee-loo) stayala, lyuli, lyuli, stayala. Nyekomu byeryozu zalomati, nyekomu kudryavu zashtshipati, lyuli, lyuli, zalomati, lyuli, lyuli, zashtshipati. Paidu ya v lyes, pagulyayu, byeluyu byeryozu zalomayu, lyuli, lyuli, pagulyayu, lyuli, lyuli, zalomayu. Srezhu ya z byeryozyý tri prutotshka, zdyelayu iz nyikh ya tri gudotshka, lyuli, lyuli, tri prutotshka, lyuli, lyuli, tri gudotshka.


This song makes me want to learn Russian

Toghrul Aliyev


Kasia Stefańska

I actually learned russian for this song

Lu Gunn

emerald764 I KNOOOOW, RIGHT?? There are quite a few of her songs that make me feel like learning’s such a BEAUTIFUL BUT DIFFICULT LANGUAGE...well, to me anyhow...

Squire Sunflower

You should!!

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