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How Did I Get Here
Darren Styles Breeze & Hixxy Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'How Did I Get Here' by these artists:

ODESZA How did i get here? How did i get here? How did…
Offset Uh, nobody, you know what I'm sayin' Nobody, nobody thought …
Offset feat. J. Cole Uh, nobody, you know what I'm sayin' Nobody, nobody thought…
Offset J. Cole Uh, nobody, you know what I'm sayin' Nobody, nobody thought…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Hixxy:

Brother Someday we'll meet again One day we'll speak again I never…
Come Together Is it right or wrong Try to find a place We can…
Dream to Me All my life It's changing every day In every possible way …
More And More I feel the rhythm more and more I like to jump…
Music Is My First Love I'm taking no religion No religion's taking me Now theres …
Sacrifice Don't you look behind You got a long, long way to…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Timmy B

tracklist (from memory, so please don't go ''full internet'' on me if somethings slightly wrong!)
Hixxy & Styles-The Theme
Breeze & Styles-Electric
Darren Styles-Getting Better (Bonkers Remix-thanks lolcatjunior)
??? (i know the original tune but the name isnt coming to mind, so annoying)
Yum Yi Ft Becky Judge-Tantric
Darren Styles-Taking Me Higher
Sonic Solutions- Don't Speak (it is this version, just sped RIGHT up)
Darren Styles-Cuttin Deep
Lisa Abbott- Blow Me Away (Breeze & Styles Remix) TUNEEEEE
DJ Error - Died Oh RIP
Styles & Breeze-You're My Angel
Evil Angel - Today (Breeze & Styles Remix)
??? (fuck my memory, what IS THIS)
Sonic State & MC Storm- I'm A Raver
Praga Khan- Injected With A Poison (Hixxy HTID Remix)
Hixxy & Styles-Rushins
Adam Harris - Heavens Above (Hixxy Remix)

All comments from YouTube:

Stuart Willetts

Hardcore will never die. The 90's were the best years of hardcore. Sharkey even says this. I'm 39 and I still blast HAPPY HARDCORE out. love it

Hammer Fist

31 years old I still listen to Happy Hardcore everyday

Stephen Ashworth

Your not wrong hardcore will never die in 37 and still banging hardcore tunes out I've got H.T.I.D tattooed on my knuckles and the htid angel on my back htid for life

Gyp Rosetti

Hardcore gets me through my morning shower. Hardcore. Where Force at?

Cheese Toastie

@Andrew White smackhead

Chris Mozza

2005 - 2008 were my best years

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lovely music to annoy the neighbours :) neighbours you ready 1,2,3 GOOOOO!!!!!!!!! lol

Torch Beam


Gerard Martin

yes thsts a fucking bonus

Julie Stretch

my neighbours hate me......but got a sneakin suspicion they actually love the music..xx

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