My Love Is Growing Stronger
David Ruffin Lyrics

woah oh ohoh

hey, i know im not the kind
for fancy words and such
for all i can say is
that i love you very very much
my heart tells me i can
put my faith in you baby
because you sweet tender love
is the only real thing i ever knew

and baby

my love is growing stronger and stronger baby
my love is growing stronger stronger and stronger
baby baby baby
baby baby baby

each time i hold you close
it seems to make me strong
i know that love
like yours holds for very long

everything you do girl
makes my life more complete
standing confidence
is what you give to me baby

and I'll understate

my love is growing stronger stronger stronger and stronger
its growing stronger and stronger and stronger
ahhh stronger stronger

oooh ooh ooh ooh
ohh oohh ohhh ohh ohh

lets forget about the weakness
and mistakes from yesterday baby
i feel good about tomorrow
if i can only can hear you say

my love is growing stronger and stronger baby
ohh ohh
my love my love is going stronger each day and every day
stronger stronger
oh it grows stronger each and everyday baby
and stronger
i know im not the kind for fancy words and such.

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Comments from YouTube:

Henry White

No matter what strategies were tried to hold Mr. Ruffin back he still rose to the top of his game by giving us music that will never be forgotten.

Betty Nickerson

love this man so much that voice just melts my heart.

Bianca Bagnolet

c'est fantastique c'est magnifique c'est tellement géniale j'adore👍

Cora Hudson

This is a beautiful song. David, David, David. Another platinum record held in the Vault?

John Anderson

I never knew he had such success with this album. You would think that the follow up LP would be carefully crafted. The next LP. Feeling Good was a major disappointment. If they want to sabotage your career and they can see You're somewhat not in stride., They can.

romaro slaters

Cora Hudson this album and song was released. The whole album went to #2 on the r&b charts and mwwe and to #2 on the pop charts

Victor Hendrix

This was a smooth song. With a great voice


This song is pure bliss

Robert Velez

My love is growing stronger displays a passionate singing performance from David Ruffin and the track was written by Marv Johnson!


This man melt my little heart.david your music will last forever.

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