De La Soul Lyrics

Don't walk out there with your hand open
Good things come to those who wait
She don't even care about who she is
She don't care about nothing and nobody
Because no class, no representation
Might take on the days woman
You've got so many different flavors
You've got so many different types
Give me the package deal
Can't go wrong with that
Knowing how to cook a good twenty-two pound ham
Hootie hoo
Nothing like a tall six-foot-five woman
For a short man like me
To fill up a good waterbed
I'm only sixty-seven
I still got lot more time to find the right one
And you do need to find the right one

She move forward like proceed
Keep heads up like nosebleed
A piece from the East, from the norm
But she off of the chain
So she cover all globally
Devil could touch faith, so I'm holding
Bullets found a target
The gun know me
The past life bags from my memory
A fan of a large and I'm a member see
I give it to her like that fool
Sucker for love
Yeah I'm that dude
When she's on the wood
She give good oral
When I'm not with her
I get withdrawal
I'm half a man without a one to call
She claimed a mathin' man
She's a wonder-doll
She leave me floored
Pack an iron-snake on thirty rims
She like the snake in her bird-tim
I'm addicted by design, a fiend
If she ever try to cut me from her team

Don't turn your back
When she's on that track
Watch out for that train-wreck
Cause when she come
You better watch your back
Watch out she's a train-wreck

She had me at Star-bucks
Sippin' frappuccino
I wanna grind on that coffee-bean
A couple cups of that joe is a pep-back
She'll be swinging on chandeliers
Baby got that skin
I can handle years
And I won't mind if she fucks asleep
Her mouth game is like Rap-A-Lot
Her Facebook say that she aim at this rap a lot
Online surfing for them beach boys
To bring the sand under her feet boys
She my rock bottom like last offers
Wouldn't write me off like the last offer
Even though she a bomb scare
I'm standing right here
I'm right here

Don't turn your back
When she's on that track
Watch out for that train-wreck
Cause when she come
You better watch your back
Watch out she's a train-wreck

Don't turn your back
When she's on that track
Watch out

Lyrics © Wixen Music Publishing, JELLYBEAN MUSIC GROUP, BMG Rights Management, INVERTED MUSIC UK LTD, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: James Brown, Bobby Byrd, John David Chegwidden, Matthew Reynolds Demerritt, David Jolicoeur, Jordan Katz, Ronald R Lenhoff, Joshua Matthew Lopez, Vincent L Mason, Kelvin Mercer, David Patrick Palmer, Kaveh Rastegar, David Nathaniel West

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Shit makes tears come to my eyes...How much integrity do you have to have to be off the scene for a minute and not return unless you are returning as YOURSELF and not who someone else wants you to be!...If people can't see that as love for the art and the culture, then you truly are blind!


hear, see and feel that!

Zion El

agreed and last I saw them on stage it felt it was 91' in 2016

Xavier McCloud

You're 44 and don't know how to spell "since"?

Kwasi Pasonm

Word. I'm 44- Dope. sence day one.


When the code changes depending on the time and you are still trying to say the same thing, the Truth.

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This De la album is dope, ill, sick, etc... I'm dancin in the backyard w/headphones on. Neighbors are pulling their shades. They white. I'm white. And old. But I still got those white moves, only better, cuz I'm old.

Futureworld X

Hope they don't call the cops, and they arrest your headphones. lol.

Rob Evans

If the "80" in your name is your birth make me feel REALLY old.

Dj Ka'Bee

with u 100%..

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