Ende Neu
Einstürzende Neubauten Lyrics

Goodbye Hallo
Insel zu verschenken
Nur kein Neuland mehr
Lass' andere auf Trampelpfaden
Mit Steinchen hinterher
Wir werden was wir sind, und:
Ende Neu

Einst neue Bauten
Auf der Insel eingestürzt
Tür zu! Wir tanzen weiter
Engumschlungen nur
Halt mich fest an den zwei Worten:
Ende Neu

Wir kennen uns schon lange
Der Phönix und ich
Ich lehrte in zwei Worte
Damit er mit mir spricht:
Ende Neu

Goodbye Hallo
Nimm zwei:
Ende Neu

Ende Neu

Ende Ende Ende Neu

Insel zu verschenken
Nur kein Neuland mehr
Wir nehmen etwas Anlauf
Und machen einen Satz so gross wie New York
Und schöner als die Sonne
Zum Geschenk
Einen Satz mit nur zwei Worten:
Ende Neu


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mark goodyer

The most important band that most people dont know. seeing live is a must.

Eric Dufresne

@Silken Tofu hahaha....

Silken Tofu

@Eric Dufresne A must.

Eric Dufresne

I've never seen em live, how is it?

Eva Neukirch

wir werden, was wir sind.... :-)

Ahmet Refik Eryilmaz

this should have been sang by blixa for the series finale of Dark. That would have been just perfect.

Jo Reis

anybody could say whata hell is this in english, pls??

Eric Dufresne

Probably one of the reasons they were signed to Nothing Records


It basically describes the status of the band. It burns up and is reborn out of the fire "We've known each other ages The phoenix and I". The words are as much as possible created from the bands name, and that also includes the song-name. During this period two band members left the band, Stella Maris was considered too soft.
Ending -> New = Ende Neu


Ending New
Goodbye Hallo
Island to give away
But no fresh country any more
Let others tread beaten tracks
leaving stones behind them
We'll become what we are, and:
Ending new
Once new buildings
On the island collapsed
Shut that door! We'll dance on
Tightly entwined only
Hold me tight on the two words:
Ending new
We've known each other ages
The phoenix and I
I taught with two words
So he could talk to me
Ending new
Goodbye hello

Ending new
Ending new
Ending new Ending new
Island to give away
but no fresh country any more
We'll take good start
and lauch a phrase as great as New York
and more beautiful than the sun
As a gift
A phrase with just two words
Ending new

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