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Alice Practice
by Crystal Castles

Scars will heal soon
The dregs in us spent the earth down

Better than drowning in a burlap sack
I live
As Alice
I die
Children shouldn't play with dead things
Foaming crows
Tear at their wings
Sad eyes cry crimson blood

Drop it it's dead
Wheels won't turn they won't turn the birdy's head
Sad eyes sad eyes like sharpened daggers
You'll never walk only stagger
Sad eyes quite cryptic

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That scene in skins was so epic :'(


@User Account how is it cringe lol

Hellen Ferreira

:(( <3

Haniku is a trap

I might be seen as uncultured but what y'all taking about?

User Account

skins - cringe.

michael tubbs

That's how I found this song. Fuck that was intense.

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"While recording our first EP, the recording engineer sexually harassed me while we were in the studio. Claudio laughed at me and pressured me to go along with it. He called our first single “Alice Practice” and said my vocals were a mic test. He concocted that story and told press it was an “accidental” recording, intentionally diminishing my role in its creation. It was another way of putting me down and preying on my insecurities." That's fucked.

Claudio Madariaga

she was sexually abused by claudio meanwhile she was singing? that shit is hard man


Retro Unicorn oh hey ethan hows it going buddy

Retro Unicorn

@Dead in DUMP Alice is talentless though, I'd argue most great artists are disturbed

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