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Only Shallow
My Bloody Valentine Lyrics

Like a pillow
She won't care
Anyway (where)

As a pillow
Touch her there
Where she won't dare
Like a (royal)

That you grew
Stronger there
Your troubles
She's not scared

Soft like there's silk
(Is a) pillow

Where she won't dare
Anyway (where)
In the mirror
She's not there
Where she won't care

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Bilinda Butcher, Kevin Shields

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S Ryburn

Wanna hear a cool story?
I bought this cassette whenitI was first released. as a teenager. I knew nothing about the band. I bought it based on the name alone.
So I get in my car and pop it in the player.
Something had to be wrong with my cassette player, I thought. Maybe the tape speed was off or something.
I pulled out the tape and put back in. Same thing. So it had to be something wrong with the tape.
I was bummed. I drove back to Hastings at Red Bird Mall. Dallas, Tx.
I told the clerk “hey, somethings the matter with this tape. It’s warped. I think it got damage from the heat whilst in transit!” I didn’t actually use the word ‘whilst’ but man it’s such a cool word
He says “oh no man. Go grab you another one”. I said “cool”.
Went out to my car and popped in the cassette. That one was warped too!
I went back in the mall and demanded my money back. He says “so are you sure it’s not your cassette player?” I say “no way, dude. It’s an Alpine”. He agreed.
He says “I’m gonna grab you a fresh tape from a different shipment”. I’m like “cool”.
He comes out and says “let’s try it out first”. He pops it in the house system.
There’s that crazy warped tape sound again.
We go through three or four more tapes. Same problem.
Manager comes in. We explain the dilemma. A record label is shipping defective My Bloody Calentine cassettes.
He probably gasped. I don’t know.
He gets another tape and says @put it in”. The guy says “alright then”.
Pops it in. Here we go again.
Me and the guy look at each other as if agreeing there is something quite sinister going on. Possible subliminal propaganda infiltration from the Russians?
Nope. Turns out the manager says to me and the guy “kids, this IS the right tape., no defects. This is how this band sounds”
That, my friends is the story of how My Bloody Valentine blew my ever loving mind. -

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UPROXX Indie Mixtape

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Joe B.

that the vinyl was warped. honest to god


Not gonna lie, it was at first hard for me to digest the phenomenon that is their music. That's how brilliant they are. My faves on the album are only shallow, i only said, and when you sleep.

They're amazing!


🤬 ACE!


This song was the first, then I heard alot of the other songs and puked. I was like... Hmmm...sometimes people are 1 hit wonders, sometimes your opinion is too narrow, sometimes life only gives you song you hold onto dearly like the little kid you were when you first heard the amazing song

Tea or guitar?

Anyone know more songs like this one? I love it

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I love that the music videos look like the music


@Cochayuyo 10 kevin shields was born in '63, bilinda butcher in '61, colm was born in 62, and debbie googe in 64. Yes, mbv ARE boomers. lol


That's the LSD buddy

Cochayuyo 10

@i am boomer. this isn't boomer music

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