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All Night
Astro Lyrics

왜 또 쳐다봐 cellular phone
결코 신경 안 쓰는 척
이런 나 참 우스워 너의 전활 기다리는 밤
한껏 깊어진 시간이
아무 의미 없이 don't sleep
Oh 셀 수 없이 니가 아른대는 거야 yeah

전하지 못한 얘기 밤새 들려줄 테니
눌러 봐 지금 sending (tell him now)
I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait

니 목소린 간질간질 간질 하게
들려 맘이 포근포근 포근하게
눈 감으면 그려지는 니 모습이 좋아 지금

졸린 듯이 나른나른 나른하게
스며 살짝 야릇야릇 야릇하게
그저 밤새 듣고 싶은 것은
니 목소리뿐이거든

도통 모르겠어 내가 맞는지
솔직히 나는 관심이 없어라고 했던 것들은 다 거짓이야 뭐긴 eh
널 찾고 있는 거지 습관처럼
내 손이 기억해 너의 전화번호

밤새 전화하자 한날 고민하다 부지런하지 못한 날
좀 일어나라고 전화해준 너라 마지못해
통화하다 내가 live it up, live it up
벌써 time to pick it up, pick it up woo
Ooh 우리 빼고 일어나는 시간이야 다시 한번 good morning

아무도 모를 얘기 네게만 해 줄 테니
더 늦기 전에 sending (tell him now)
I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait

니 목소린 간질간질 간질 하게
들려 맘이 포근포근 포근하게
눈 감으면 그려지는 니 모습이 좋아 지금

졸린 듯이 나른나른 나른하게
스며 살짝 야릇야릇 야릇하게
그저 밤새 듣고 싶은 것은
니 목소리뿐이거든

시간 날 때 전화해 어디 갈 때 전화해
자기 전에 전화해 일어나서 전화해
내 통화 기록 보면 너로 꽉 차있지만
그래도 니 목소리 듣고 얘기하고 싶었어

오늘은 무슨 일 있었어 그래서 어떻게 했었어
그래서 그렇게 했었어 그 순간 말이 끊기더니
어느새 고운 숨소리 속삭이듯 잠이 드는 너
Such a good night

내 온 맘이 두근두근 두근 하게
해 놓고 넌 새근새근 새근 하게
부드러이 고운 꿈을 밤 하늘에 채우나 봐

(Oh yeah) 너를 따라 아득아득 아득하게
새벽 별이 소근소근 소근 댈 때
잠이 들 때 듣고 싶은 것도 니 숨소리뿐이거든
One last time

어서 내게 전화해
밤새도록 calling with you (oh all night)
All night calling you
Let's call in, let's call in
Let's call in, let's call in
그저 밤새 듣고 싶은 것은
니 목소리뿐이거든

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Kyler Niko, Greg Bonnick, Hayden Chapman, Yun Kyoung Cho, Jin Jin, Rocky

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:


It's been a year since I Stan this group because of "all night mv🥰




Harshitha Gowda

I feel bad for people who don't know ASTRO exists

Edit: Omo this is like once in my life history.... I happened to get 1.4k likes... It really made me happy.. thank you AROHA... Fighting ASTRO 💜😭

JhayCee Cha

They are not underrated anymore.
Coming from a small company like fantagio
Its a big achievement that ASTRO is now in top ten surrounded by groups coming from big entertainments here in korea.
Astro and aroha are doing a good job.
So please don’t be sad for their lack of popularity.
Do not compare them to other groups
We have our own time to shine
God make all things beautiful in His time.
His timing is always perfect..
Astro will get what they deserve sooner or later..
Our six precious boys will soon get there slowly but very surely🙏


Someone asked me why i chose ASTRO and became aroha after trying to avoid kpop for a long time (kdrama girl only before) and I didnt have the answers right away as i dont know what exactly made me love them but suddenly they just captured my fangirl heart and i think its because of the following reasons:
1. Multi-talented individuals ( each member can do just almost anything and Rocky just wow- lyricist, composer, choreographer, rapper, dancer, sub vocal hitting high notes/ MJ- trot singer, high vocals, lyricist not to mention all of them has acting/hosting experience UPDATE: Rocky, Sanha as actors, Bin as model, and ASTRO grazing magazine covers one after another and now global ambassadors of atome. What else can’t they do??
2. Their comaraderie and realness- unlike other groups i saw, they are so real in their videos and do not care whether they may look ugly or silly as long as they make arohas and themselves happy. Also, the way they tease is each other is super hilarious, evil maknae for the win and them teasing patient jinjin is always worth to watch
3. VISUALS - cha eun woo, need i say more? All members could pass as visuals if they join other groups
4. Crazy sexy and aegyo- all members has this irresistible charm wherein they can be sexy and hot (example ONE and all night ear) and cute when they need to be (WYCMN,Breathless etc) Hello cute maknae!
5. They can pull off ANY concept- hello, not any kpop group can do this
6. Their Ballad songs- just amazing, phenomenal, outstanding, great (eg. Innocent love, Gemini, Waterfall, Bloom)
7. They have so MANY GREAT songs dedicated to AROHAs and knowing the english translations just gives me comfort other than listening to the songs. one and only, you and me, we still, by your side and all of all yours’ album songs are chef’s kiss
8. CHOREOGRAPHY are amazing- they show off effortlessly difficult choreo with different phasing, transitioning, sharpness. By first watch, you just feel they do good and seems easy to pull off but if you try their dance steps they are all tough! They move like they defy gravity
8. Positivity- during the hard times when they had many issues with their agency, they gave arohas hope and continued to stay strong and continued making music and saying sorry to arohas for making them wait long for their comebacks. They held on to Fans’ cheers and messages through tough times
Surely, you will regret NOT stanning these great guys- i still can name many other great things about ASTRO- Great personality, good to staff, gives off happy energy and just a blessing to AROHAs. I just love them to bits!!!

RaNee Rah

Eunwoo - Best visuals (Literally the most handsome idol in the universe)
MJ - Best vocals (His high notes are higher than any skyscraper there are)
Rocky - Best dancer (His turns are to die for, a hotty choreographer in addition)
Sanha - Best cutesy (No one will beat him for being a cutey, he's too cute than a baby)
Jinjin - Besy rapper (Don't expect him being slow's gonna stop him from rapping so fast)
Moonbin - Best bias wrecker (he's just so good, athletic, hot, sweet, and a surprise attacker)
ASTRO - Most talented and underrated group. (I mean look at them, all visuals, all talented, all dorks, all loving and caring, they deserve more love as how much love they give their fans)
All Night - Best Music Video (6 gods of beauty, guardians of a paradise, and beautiful angels making our eyes, ears, and hearts blessed with this so out of the world mv. The definition of AESTHETIC)
All Light - Best Album (Album filled with love, best comeback ever made. Everything's just too precious and amazing. From title track, to all the other tracks, lyrics,rhythm, and melody. I just can't stop listening to every song, gosh!)
AROHA - Best fandom (Being an aroha I really felt the overflowing love that Astro are giving their fans from all their videos and songs. Kpop became my cup of tea because of them. Because of them, I had a dream, they became my dream, and my wish will always be for them to be well and become more successful as they are right now. They are one of those groups who really care for each other and for arohas that's why they will always have a special space here in my heart. I hope I get to see them perform live and meet them in personal before I grow old.)

More love for Astro. #AstroLoveAroha


I don't understand how people can ignore a single member in this group. Everyone is so unique and amazing

•Rocky with his extraordinary skills in dancing

•Eunwoo with his visuals and acting skills

•Moonbin with his precious smile and ability to identify members through smell

•MJ with his skills in high notes and vocals

•JinJin with his rapping and composing skills

•Sanha with his cute maknae aura and wonderful guitar skills

All comments from YouTube:

Kai Mastro

Holy crap that's SO good..... wasn't a stan before but i am now.

Chan is FOive



as u should ,mweehhee

Blanca Arroyo

@Minari ...?



Blanca Arroyo

@Anna cual army aqui es aroha

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Lourdes Mendoza

en serio estos chicos merecen más reconocimiento, me enamoré de esta música!!!! llegué a ellos gracias a eun woo :)

Priscila Blink


Evilyn Ouma

@karla game YESSSS


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