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All Night
Astro Lyrics

왜 또 쳐다봐 cellular phone
결코 신경 안 쓰는 척
이런 나 참 우스워 너의 전활 기다리는 밤
한껏 깊어진 시간이
아무 의미 없이 don't sleep
Oh 셀 수 없이 니가 아른대는 거야 yeah

전하지 못한 얘기 밤새 들려줄 테니
눌러 봐 지금 sending (tell him now)
I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait

니 목소린 간질간질 간질 하게
들려 맘이 포근포근 포근하게
눈 감으면 그려지는 니 모습이 좋아 지금

졸린 듯이 나른나른 나른하게
스며 살짝 야릇야릇 야릇하게
그저 밤새 듣고 싶은 것은
니 목소리뿐이거든

도통 모르겠어 내가 맞는지
솔직히 나는 관심이 없어라고 했던 것들은 다 거짓이야 뭐긴 eh
널 찾고 있는 거지 습관처럼
내 손이 기억해 너의 전화번호

밤새 전화하자 한날 고민하다 부지런하지 못한 날
좀 일어나라고 전화해준 너라 마지못해
통화하다 내가 live it up, live it up
벌써 time to pick it up, pick it up woo
Ooh 우리 빼고 일어나는 시간이야 다시 한번 good morning

아무도 모를 얘기 네게만 해 줄 테니
더 늦기 전에 sending (tell him now)
I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait

니 목소린 간질간질 간질 하게
들려 맘이 포근포근 포근하게
눈 감으면 그려지는 니 모습이 좋아 지금

졸린 듯이 나른나른 나른하게
스며 살짝 야릇야릇 야릇하게
그저 밤새 듣고 싶은 것은
니 목소리뿐이거든

시간 날 때 전화해 어디 갈 때 전화해
자기 전에 전화해 일어나서 전화해
내 통화 기록 보면 너로 꽉 차있지만
그래도 니 목소리 듣고 얘기하고 싶었어

오늘은 무슨 일 있었어 그래서 어떻게 했었어
그래서 그렇게 했었어 그 순간 말이 끊기더니
어느새 고운 숨소리 속삭이듯 잠이 드는 너
Such a good night

내 온 맘이 두근두근 두근 하게
해 놓고 넌 새근새근 새근 하게
부드러이 고운 꿈을 밤 하늘에 채우나 봐

(Oh yeah) 너를 따라 아득아득 아득하게
새벽 별이 소근소근 소근 댈 때
잠이 들 때 듣고 싶은 것도 니 숨소리뿐이거든
One last time

어서 내게 전화해
밤새도록 calling with you (oh all night)
All night calling you
Let's call in, let's call in
Let's call in, let's call in
그저 밤새 듣고 싶은 것은
니 목소리뿐이거든

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Kyler Niko, Greg Bonnick, Hayden Chapman, Yun Kyoung Cho, Jin Jin, Rocky

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:

hyunjin nation

For new fans who are still trying to learn their faces:

0:24 - moonbin (bubblegum pink hair)
0:37 - cha eunwoo (the god-like looking creature in raven hair)
0:48 - yoon sanha (maknae in light purple hair)
1:02 - MJ (the blonde god with the voice of angel in the center during the chorus)
1:29 - Rocky (the brown-haired rapper in the telephone box)
1:42 - Jin Jin (the leader in light orange hair and he's my bias uwu)


RaNee Rah

Eunwoo - Best visuals (Literally the most handsome idol in the universe)
MJ - Best vocals (His high notes are higher than any skyscraper there are)
Rocky - Best dancer (His turns are to die for, a hotty choreographer in addition)
Sanha - Best cutesy (No one will beat him for being a cutey, he's too cute than a baby)
Jinjin - Besy rapper (Don't expect him being slow's gonna stop him from rapping so fast)
Moonbin - Best bias wrecker (he's just so good, athletic, hot, sweet, and a surprise attacker)
ASTRO - Most talented and underrated group. (I mean look at them, all visuals, all talented, all dorks, all loving and caring, they deserve more love as how much love they give their fans)
All Night - Best Music Video (6 gods of beauty, guardians of a paradise, and beautiful angels making our eyes, ears, and hearts blessed with this so out of the world mv. The definition of AESTHETIC)
All Light - Best Album (Album filled with love, best comeback ever made. Everything's just too precious and amazing. From title track, to all the other tracks, lyrics,rhythm, and melody. I just can't stop listening to every song, gosh!)
AROHA - Best fandom (Being an aroha I really felt the overflowing love that Astro are giving their fans from all their videos and songs. Kpop became my cup of tea because of them. Because of them, I had a dream, they became my dream, and my wish will always be for them to be well and become more successful as they are right now. They are one of those groups who really care for each other and for arohas that's why they will always have a special space here in my heart. I hope I get to see them perform live and meet them in personal before I grow old.)

More love for Astro. #AstroLoveAroha

Aroha Yellowkies

my interpretation:

The mv starts off with Eunwoo trapped in a glass cage with flowers. The flowers here represent ASTRO themselves- sweet, soft, pure guys in the Kpop industry. He/They are trapped into something.

Remember the ending of To Be Continued? Well that was a part of the intro here which may mean that this is the continuation…

It was followed by the members lying on the floor while one in the end suddenly wakes up as if waking up from a dream. They were then transported to a new realm (garden) hence the effect of blur on the video and each of them looked dazed and explored the new place.

This new realm represents the new concept they’re trying: “dreamlike sexy and mature” concept.
Sanha pops out and puts a goldfish back to the water. Goldfish represents good luck so maybe they are trying to revive their luck with this album. The lyrics then go “I can wait”… We waited for a year and 2 months for this to happen.

Sanha here plays a major role… OKAY.

Bin bathes on a tub full of rose petals which may represent self-love. They are starting to accept and discover who they really are. Somehow like ASTRO being reborn…

Rocky decided to make a potion for the flower. Somehow represents experimentation on their image (since they are the flowers). Maybe experimentation on their songs, lyrics and even choreo.

They sit on a round table staring at a rose caged in a glass (ASTRO caged in the glass) and they seem to be in a serious mood. Maybe discussing if they should continue or not. Video pans to the rose again with the “I can wait..” lyrics in the background.

Now Bin is submerged in the tub full of petals indicating that they have deeply discovered who they truly are.

But in the next frame, Eunwoo smiled in one second then kinda pokerfaced the next second which may mean “worry”.
They are worrying because of the new image that they are trying to convey and they are unsure if people would like it.

But MJ -who is the eldest, examines the flowers and he seemed happy about the results thinking that “this new image and concept might work”

They then have a dance break on the new realm (new image) and they seem to have fun in it. They realize that this concept might work and people might really enjoy this new ASTRO…

Okay back to our protagonist Sanha… He just turned into an adult this year right? Which means all of them now are mature… The video ends with him releasing the caged rose (releasing the young ASTRO) indicating that all of them are now at the right age and finally, the six of them settled on the new realm.

They are finally free from the cage and out here trying to showcase who they really are with this comeback. Out here showing the true ASTRO.

But we can notice how Sanha (maknae) is the only one standing in the end. It can just mean that even though ASTRO is now with a new concept, the youngness will still be there.

ASTRO will always be that refreshing and bubbly idol group that everyone loved. Despite this more mature comeback and being set free, they are still the ASTRO we used to know. They are still our ASTRO...

*Thanks for coming to my ted talk bye -ArohaYellowkies

buse merve oktan

Moonbin's blue eyes
Sanha's purple hair
Eunwoo's red lips
Mj's yellow hair and his eyes
Rocky's brown hair and his eyes
Jinjin's orange hair
。◕‿◕。 IS PERFECT 。◕‿◕。

All comments from YouTube:


i love astro so much it makes me so angry they’re not receiving the attention they deserve. yes they do have fans and they are pretty known but literally? they deserve all the stars in the galaxy? they’re all literal angels, i’ve never ever seen anything bad about them. they’re funny too! they make me smile so much. they’re actually talented? and visuals; don’t even get me started. their songs are even fucking gorgeous and their mvs it just frustrates me so much that people are just attracted to like those strong and sexy concepts. i know people appreciate astro and all that but i wish they were more known :( it’s weird because i love astro so fucking much i want them to become bigger but at the same time i want to be the only person to know them? they’re so cute i hope this comeback gives them a little bit more :( aLSO please please astro and seventeen’s friendship is so precious i literally can’t :(

song mae-ri

I know, they deserve the world! With them ever since their debut!

Charly Marie Canlas

Yeah... Same... I wish that too..... I LOVE ASTRO VERY MUCH....

Unknown Virus

We all have the same dreams we want our boys to shine brighter and brighter yet we want them to stay what they are. Im very happy I have given a chance to stan this angels I will always be by thir side. We arohas love ASTRO 💜💜


All of us, AROHAS have the same feeling... wanting them to be famous, yet, want us only to know them... THIS IS THEIR POWER! AROHAS are a family to me ❤

But the truth, they really should be recognized, not only because of their AMAZING visuals, but also their vocals, concepts, their amazingness, sweetness, and EVERYTHING!

Amy Nguyen

We think the same fellow AROHAS :’)
We want to show them off to the world but we also want to keep them all to ourselves

You aren’t the first people I’ve found that felt this way, but I always love how much we feel for each other💜

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this song hits differently...kpop ussually feels like an oven...always pumped up, but this song takes it slow but is still killing it


Hola aroha, seria muy bueno si intentamos llegar a 35M en los mv principales de Astro, si crees que es buena idea no dudes en unirte a esta causa.

Nazik Jakutova




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