Wooden Heart
Elvis Presley Lyrics

Can't you see
I love you
Please don't break my heart in two
That's not hard to do
'Cause I don't have a wooden heart
And if you say goodbye
Then I know that I would cry
Maybe I would die
'Cause I don't have a wooden heart
There's no strings upon
This love of mine
It was always you from the start
Treat me nice, treat me good
Treat me like you really should
'Cause I'm not made of wood
And I don't have a wooden heart

Muss I denn, muss I denn
Zum stadtele hinaus
Stadtele hinaus
Und du, mein Schatz, bleibst hier?

Muss I denn, muss I denn
Zum stadtele hinaus
Stadtele hinaus
Und du, mein Schatz, bleibst hier?

There's no strings upon this love of mine
It was always you from the start
Sei mir gut, sei mir gut
Sei mir wie du wirklich sollst
Wie du wirklich sollst
'Cause I don't have a wooden heart

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Written by: Berthold Kaempfert, Kay Twomey, Ben Weisman, Fred Wise

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The biggest secrets revealed! You will find links below to Elvis singing gospel (this year) He can’t say he is Elvis as The rights to his name were sold for
$53 million .. (reasons are below in links as is the doctor who treated him for a number of years until recently)
He is also married (Yes Elvis) to his wartime sweetheart Wilenna .. see link below :




there are pictures of them online and updated this year. They have a son Matt who is in one of the videos he makes his dad (Elvis) sing Trilogy Matts middle name is Charro named after An Elvis film. Enjoy!!! 😉

https://youtu.be/Y_zy4X5oNcc (older Elvis playing piano and singing gospel )





https://youtu.be/7UPV_9BvGGk (older Elvis paying guitar singing)

https://youtu.be/kx7eYA_D86w (Pastor bob filmed st Graceland)

https://youtu.be/wBsFY_e0H9I. (Trilogy) (With his Son(who’s middle name is Charro after Elvis film he is an Elvis impersonator) note how he has to tell his father the words) he doesn’t sing these songs anymore!

https://youtu.be/h2zpIODXPMQ (Matt Elvis son being interviewed about Elvis at Graceland .. nite the slip ups!

(Doctor who says he’s alive and treated him)

https://youtu.be/-GMO3_xogv4 (Elvis singing to date)

https://youtu.be/UUEYxmtkJRo (Elvis singing to date)

(Elvis singing play guitar up to date) note the thumb over the fretboard like “Elvis in the past”

The reason he “died” possibly because of Mafia!!!

(Elvis singing updated )

(Elvis playing piano and singing in his 80s)

https://youtu.be/eoHRGxx0gR8 (Garth Brooks thinks he’s alive! And Glen Hardin Elvis piano player works with Garth. There is also a picture of Glen Hardin sitting beside Bob joyce whilst playing piano at his church)

https://youtu.be/npQ5QL94m7k (Priscilla slip up on Oprah show saying “Elvis just said that the other day!”)

https://youtu.be/KL8_QoZ190U (laughter comparison and quotes )

https://youtu.be/BLGddLhANWU (voice comparison and his religious quest)


PGS Schäfer

Hello, Dieter !
It is no "Volkslied" from Baden-Württemberg,
'cos that state doesn't exist in the 19th century.
It is historically a "schwäbische Melodie" out of
the 18th century (collected by Friedrich Silcher).
This summer I'll travel to "Rüdesheim" and I will
listen to you and hear that beautiful song in the
"Drosselgasse". Greetings and see you soon -
mfg. ;-). PGS !

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N. F.

Gosh I love that song! So sweet and innocent...may you rest in peace, Elvis!

Priya Das

We got rid of motor nazi oswold junior


His voice is truly unique

Ben Tree specialist

No its not, it is pretty much one of the easiest voices to copy I've ever heard.


my four daughters were all born after Elvis sadly passed on, and they all enjoy his music and adore his looks

God Reigns

@Ben Tree specialist He is still alive (as a spirit).

Ben Tree specialist

I was literally born 8 days before he died....8.8.1977. So he was alive for 8 days of my life.

anna maria facchiano

There won't be another Elvis,never!

LIDIA. . Bianchi

Elvis. P.. il romantico. Dei. Romantico. Bello e bravo

Clifftonic Studios

@Carlos Nava What ?

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